Free Videos, Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Welcome to Principled Academy’s free video page for inquiring minds. Here you will find short, concise, and helpful videos that explain what the Principle Approach® Method is. You will also find videos explaining about the Noah Plan© Curriculum, which is a curriculum that uses the Principle Approach® Method.

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Video 1: (1 minute, 58 seconds of your time.)

What is the Principle Approach®?


Video 2: (1 minute, 35 seconds of your time.)

The Principle Approach, Is it a Method or a Curriculum?

Video 3: (2 minutes, 53 seconds of your time.)

How is the Principle Approach® Method Used?

Video 4: (2 minutes, 11 seconds of your time.)

The History Behind the Principle Approach® Method


Video 5: (15 minutes, 21 seconds of your time.)

How to Use the Noah Plan© Curriculum

Video 6: (14 minutes, 32 seconds of your time.)

The Principle Approach®: Line Upon Line (Isaiah 28:10)

From The Foundation for American Christian Education:

Principle Approach: A Framework of Truth
(9 minutes, 25 seconds of your time.)

Well worth your time to watch. See the value and importance of using “reflective teaching and learning” and for placing the Truths (Principles) of God’s Word at the heart of education.

An Introduction to the Bible as a Reader
(2 minutes, 53 seconds of your time.)

 The Walking With Jesus© curriculum by FACE guides you through Bible lessons by using the Bible As a Reader (BAR). You can purchase a combo of Walking With Jesus© and corresponding notebook pages here at our store. Or, if you are a Beta Team Member or a Chrysalis Member (available soon), you have access to the printable notebook pages for Walking With Jesus©.

Our heartfelt thanks to our brothers and sisters in Christ at The Foundation for American Christian Education for all of their labor throughout the years. We’re so thankful that they have faithfully been about our Heavenly Father’s business.

We’re continually learning from the resources they have provided. They have wonderful on-line conferences that are helpful in aiding your growth on the Principle Approach® journey. We’d like to encourage you to attend them (in person or on-line) as you are able to.

They are also a valuable resource for Christian schools. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a Principle Approach® Christian school, please contact them for more information: