Free Principle Approach® Lesson: Foundations of Language

It’s Membership Monday! Have you been enjoying our free Principle Approach® video lessons? Remember that Principled Academy’s Caterpillar Club Members have full access to lessons with printable lesson content and 4R (Research, Reason, Relate, and Record) notebook pages.

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  • What is the foundation of language?
  • How is language a tool for obtaining liberty?
  • What is the basic principle?
  • Research
  • Do a word study
  • Find out the Leading Idea
  • Find out the Bible Principle
  • Reason and Relate
  • What does Scripture say?
  • Consider the events on the timeline of His Story
  • How are mountains used for Yahweh’s purposes?

The Caterpillar Members Club has access to a brief, basic lesson with a video, printable lesson content, and 4R notebook pages. This lesson follows the format design of the Open My Eyes© Curriculum I’m designing. It’s designed to help you guide your children through the lesson and notebook pages. You will find 4R notebook pages for Kindergarten through 12th grade.

I’d like to emphasize that this is a brief lesson. There is so much more that you can learn by searching the Scriptures more in-depth. By doing so, you’ll have more content to break down into chunks of future lessons to go through with your children. The length of each lesson is up to you. This lesson can be done in one session or you can cover it over a week’s time, if you’d like to. It depends on how much you want to do and when. It also may depend on how many grade levels you are teaching as the higher the grade ranges, the more content there is.

Do you toss or set aside your language curriculum? No, you keep using the language curriculum that works for your family. This is like the Bible Study portion of language for your family.

Our video lessons are new and we hope that you find them inspiring and helpful to you on your Principle Approach® journey.  May this lesson bless your homeschool in addition to the language curriculum that works for your family.

We’d love to know how this lesson worked for you and what your thoughts are about it. Please leave a comment for us!


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