Fall Pumpkin Writing Prompts

Can you believe fall is right around the corner?! I love the season of fall and I thought I’d help ya’ll kick off the school year with a little freebie. 🙂

I was inspired by this blog post at lovingmylifeasmotherandwife several years ago and I created my own version on a white foam board. But… wall space can easily be taken up with nifty things like this! 

You can also print pumpkin prompts from lovingmylifeasmotherandwife! You’ll find a much larger variety of prompts at her blog. 🙂

So… this year I decided to create a version just right for filing in my children’s notebooks! 

I might stretch it to where they can use one a week with a bonus pumpkin prompt. Or perhaps I’ll have them use the prompts during the first week of lessons. Hmmm….
This is how they are assembled…
Click photo to enlarge.
Click photo to enlarge.
Click photo to enlarge.
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