What Everyone Must Know About The Principle Approach®

There’s a misunderstanding about what is taught in regards to American History when it comes to the Principle Approach®(1). As a mother who has been homeschooling with this Biblical Classical philosophy and method for over a decade, I’m a witness to it. Whereas some individuals glance through materials to review it or they don’t utilize the approach entirely. Therefore, they walk away with a misunderstanding about it when it comes to History. As such, I strongly feel that this needs to be addressed. And I hope that you’ll take a moment to read through this article. Find out what everyone must know about The Principle Approach®.

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Misunderstandings About The Principle Approach® and American History

Below are some misunderstandings about The Principle Approach® and American History. Namely these misunderstandings are:

  • Easy to focus exclusively on the positive early aspects of American History
  • Overlook or gloss over some of the not-so-good stains of American History
  • Gloss over or overlook shortcomings or failures of the Founding Fathers

Easy to Focus Exclusively on the Positive Early Aspects of American History

If a teacher or parent does this, it’s because they’re not implementing the method fully. Part of the implementation is to look at the internal-to-external and the cause-to-effect. In other words, we say, “This happened and let’s look at why.” Then we take the actions or ideas involved in the situation and we do a Word Study to find out what God has to say about it.

Overlook or Gloss Over Some of the Not-So-Good Stains of American History

Again, if a teacher or parent does this, it’s because of their own doing. It has nothing to do with The Principle Approach® itself. To begin with, this land wasn’t a Garden of Eden before the Pilgrims, Puritans, and others came to her shores. After all, natives were warring amongst each other, sickness existed, and so did death. It’s a fact worldwide since the Fall of mankind.

Of course this doesn’t excuse any sinful acts of anyone whether they were here first or came later. But do let us not put the sins of some upon those who are innocent of sinful acts. For instance, many times people will blame the Pilgrims for the atrocities caused by the adventurers.

Gloss Over or Overlook Shortcomings or Failures of the Founding Fathers

It’s common for individuals who aren’t trained in the Biblical-Principle Approach to think that The Principle Approach® idolizes or elevates the Founding Fathers. Of course they were sinful. After all, they were human like the people in the Bible and like you and me. To be sure, a The Principle Approach® education does not teach that the Founding Fathers were perfect individuals.

For instance, one way of how we study about the Founding Fathers (or any other Key Individuals for that matter) is to use a T-Chart. And on this T-Chart we label one side “Internal Qualities” and one side “External Qualities.” So, as we read about individuals, we take note of the “good” and the “bad” of each person. Also, we look at the cause-to-effect that the internal and external qualities have.

So, if this aspect of the method isn’t being implemented by a teacher or parent, it’s not a reflection on The Principle Approach® method and philosophy. Therefore if it’s viewed that there’s an error in the terms of balance, it’s not due to The Principle Approach® materials.

The Sins of Others Isn’t One of the Main Focuses of Teaching American History

Wouldn’t the enemy just love for us to shadow over the main focuses of American History taught with The Principle Approach® method and philosophy? After all, it’d be a perfect way to stifle God’s Providential Hand, His purposes, our Christian Form of Government, and His mighty works.

Furthermore, we could turn our main focus on the sins of the Founding Fathers. But then that makes man the center of history and takes our eyes off of Christ, the Focal Point of History (His Story). And isn’t it wonderful what God can do through sinners?! Rather than no longer being involved in the lives of [imperfect, sinful] men and nations, God continues to be involved! In short, we focus on Biblical principles of Government, because that is what we’ve been given.

Not to mention that one of the goals of this form of education is to help restore our Republic. Certainly, we do compare and contrast different forms of government and character of individuals. Because this is an essential component to learning from mistakes. But, one of the main focuses is the seven founding principles upon which our nation is founded. Therefore, they’re essential to education for the restoration of our nation. And this is important to grasp because without these principles, we won’t have a Republic!

Indeed, it seems that America is the most complete expression of liberty [because of the Gospel] than any other nation. And God has been using her to demonstrate liberty to the world- free from socialism. That is to say, especially during her first 150 years. But when we began to leave our first principles and allow socialism to slowly creep in, America started to suffer. However, we can help save her with The Principle Approach® philosophy and method of education. And it won’t be by downplaying God’s Principles.

Start Teaching God’s Providential History

So, what are you waiting for? For now, you can get started by getting your own copy of Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History and Christian History of our Constitution  Volume 1!

Footnote 1: The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

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