Economic and American Government Courses with Dr. Brenda MacMenamin

This is a review of the Economic and American Government Course with Dr. Brenda MacMenamin. FTC requires full disclosure. In compliance with FTC, I’m informing my readers that I agreed to have two of our homeschool students go through these two course in exchange for helping Brenda MacMenamin with questions about marketing and social media help. In addition, I offered to write a review of our family’s experience.

My Review

Of note, at the time that our two students took Brenda MacMenamin’s courses, neither of the courses were Biblical-Principle Approach/Principle Approach®1 courses. I don’t know if she plans to take them that route at some point in the future. She is a fellow certified Master Teacher in the Principle Approach®, so I anticipate that it’s a real possibility.

Since we cover economics and American Government with the Biblical-Principle Approach with our students, my husband and I thought it would be fine to have them go ahead and take these courses.

Brenda explains things clearly about economics and our Constitution with passion and great joy. She gives some background information which adds interest to the lessons. Our students did great under Brenda’s instruction.

These courses are designed for high school students.

Our son was a high school student when he took these courses. He works part-time and his schedule conflicted with the live sessions that students attend with Brenda. Even so, he watched the pre-recorded lessons that correspond with the live sessions and reading assignments.

How the Economic and American Government Courses Work

Students have:

  • weekly reading assignments
  • one pre-recorded lesson a week to watch
  • the option to attend once weekly live Zoom calls with Brenda to learn more and have discussions
  • weekly comprehension assignments
  • their assignments graded by Brenda

Our Son’s Review

“Mrs. MacMenamin was able to work with my schedule, which I greatly appreciate. The books she had us read are great resources with good information. The workload was reasonable.”

-E. Hall

Our Daughter’s Review

“Mrs. Brenda’s class definitely gave me a deep understanding of our economic system and the true idea behind the U.S. Constitution. I like how she take the class through each section of the books and I love how she gave deeper explanations of the topics in her own words. It was great!”

-Miss A. Hall

Get to Know Brenda MacMenamin

You can get to know Brenda MacMenamin by listening to the Principles in Practice Homeschool podcast Episode 20, Teaching His Story with Brenda MacMenamine.

Footnote 1: The Noah Plan® [and/or] The Principle Approach® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

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