Crown and Covenant Series- #Reformation Day Blog Series

Are you aware that the Reformation took place in Scotland as well? Would you love to learn about it in an adventurous way? This was our experience as we read through the Crown and Covenant series by Douglas Bond…

We basked in the glory of the green and purple hills spotted with sheep. The warmth of the sun was felt as the clouds broke, and it was hidden yet again as soon as they cloaked it. Scotland is beautiful…

We learned of conflict between the King of England and the Covenanters. We listened to the history of the matter. We Understood what was at stake. Our choice was made. Duncan M’Kethe and the others would find us by their side through thick and thin!

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History. Suspense. Victory. Loss. Lesson after lesson… and much to consider and ponder.

We felt that we were right.there. living these events ourselves. The setting, plot, characters and theme all had us enraptured. Our whole family, from Cool Daddy down to wee little Dreamer, loved it!

Och an’ we didne gie enoogh o’ tha’ scottish accent!!
I love that the end of each book we find: A Word About the History and Characters; a Glossary of Scottish Terms; and a Timeline of Scottish Covenanting History!

Douglas Bond is generously giving away one bundle of his Crown and Covenant series. And… he will personally autograph them for the winner!!

What are you waiting for? Enter for your chance to win!!


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