The Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™

As a Christian parent, is the highest aspiration for your children is that they may be wise with Biblical wisdom?

Do you feel equipped to disciple your own children in life through their home education?

Would you like to help restore the Bible to education and all spheres of life?

This is Year 1 of our Principled Academy Discipleship membership and it helps equip Christian parents to educate their children in Biblical reasoning, thinking, and living. It is a pre-requisite to our Year 2 Principled Academy Discipleship School.

Year 1 runs from August 18, 2023 until August 9, 2024.

In this course and membership, you learn the bigger picture of God’s purpose and intentions for whatever it is that you learn and teach. This equips you with the ability to create lesson plans for your individual family that help your children to understand God’s purpose and intentions for what you’re teaching.

Firstly, What is the Biblical-Principle Approach?

The Biblical-Principle Approach is a way of life. It’s how Christians have historically thought and reasoned from Biblical principles (the truths of God’s Word), lived according to and applied Biblical principles in all spheres of life. It’s the Hebraic way of reflective life and learning which carried over into the Protestant Reformation as God’s Word was restored to education. And, it was a part of America’s education for her first 150 years. That said, Biblical principles are for all people and all nations.

It’s also known as The Principle Approach® or Providential Education.

Specifically, the Biblical-Principle Approach to life and learning is about:

  • God’s Providential Hand in the lives of individuals and nations
  • Christ as the Focal Point of His Story
  • learning how to reason from Biblical principles (truths . . . what God says about things)
  • implementing how to think and live according to Biblical principles
  • discovering how to learn and teach with a wholistic Biblical worldview
  • seeing how a wholistic Biblical worldview connects subject matter with God’s purpose for the subject itself
  • how to reflect and produce lessons vs. regurgitate or parrot back facts and consume lessons
  • nurturing and encouraging original, independent thought
  • operating in the world for Christ’s glory and Kingdom growth
  • how discipleship is both spiritual and cultural
  • learning how to research, study, and reason from Biblical principles for oneself
  • seeing God’s purpose for each subject and sphere of life
  • restoring individuals and nations to God (Matthew 28:19-20 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nationsbaptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to follow all that I commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” -NASB).
  • and so much more. . .

Secondly, If the Biblical-Principle Approach Has Such a Long History, Why Haven’t I Heard of It Before?

This is a great question!

To begin with, Horace Mann (Unitarian) and John Dewey (Secular Humanist) ushered in a change within the American schools. With the advent of the Prussian models for schools and socialism being introduced into the American schools, the Biblical morals and principles once taught faded out overtime. Secondly, advertising among homeschoolers needs to be strengthened. That’s where I and several other homeschoolers come in to the picture—to help bring awareness, spread the word, and disciple and mentor others.

That said, YWAM in Tyler, TX and YWAM bases in other countries have been teaching Christian missionaries and in their Christian schools with the Biblical-Principle Approach. There are individual ministries who have been teaching it as well. Additionally, there are some Biblical-Principle Approach private Christian schools and homeschool co-ops.

About the Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™

Here’s what it’s like:
🌱It’s a place for like-minded parents to learn the ins and outs of easily applying the Biblical-Principle Approach in their homeschools (daily life and learning).
🌱It saves busy homeschool parents time (after all, you aren’t a “career teacher” in a school).
🌱It spares you the frustration of trying to learn all of the working parts on your own.
🌱It helps you learn how to integrate it into your parenting and family culture.
🌱It helps homeschool parents feel confident and be efficient in their implementation of the philosophy and method.

The Principle Approach

It’s where you’ll learn:

🌱 how to recognize God’s providential hand in your own life so that you’ll begin to see it in everything that you’re teaching and learning
🌱 what God’s design is for education, what your role is, and how to let the Holy Spirit be your guide when lesson planning
🌱 how to see God’s 7 Principles of Liberty in Scripture, in life, and how to implement them into your homeschooling lessons
🌱 what it means for you to reason from Biblical principles and the methods that will help you apply scripture to all of life and learning
🌱how to produce lessons from your own studies and Biblical reasoning vs. relying/being dependent upon someone else’s thoughts
🌱how to present subjects from a wholistic Biblical worldview and how to connect the subject matter to God’s purpose for the subject
🌱how discipleship isn’t just spiritual, it’s also cultural
🌱how creation is God’s by right of ownership (He is the Producer) in both the spiritual and material realms

The Principle Approach

Who Is This Membership For?

That’s a great question! Click on the button below to read about it and decide if this is a right fit for you.

Membership Details


Payments are made via PayPal and automatically reoccur monthly. A default in payment means that a member is no longer in good standing and does not have access to the course or membership.

The Informal Opening Ceremony

We begin our year with an informal Opening Ceremony via Zoom for a welcome and introductions.

The 8-Week Course Component

The following week, we move right into our 8-week course that is built into the year-long membership. During this 8-week course, you begin on a journey to mastery with weekly modules that consist of 3-4 lessons with light, easy-to-implement assignments. Then, students post some of their assignments in the online community forum and encourage each other in their studies. Next, at the end of each week (providing sickness, some unforeseen incident doesn’t get in the way, or a holiday break) you, your cohorts, and Heather Hall—Master Teacher in the Principle Approach®—meet via Zoom to discuss student reflections, thoughts, and ideas.

The 10-Month Long Membership Component

After the 8-week course, students continue their journey to mastery in the Biblical-Principle Approach homeschool experience. This is done in layers as Heather Hall deepens what is taught in the 8-week course. Students continue to post assignments in the online community forum, encourage each other, and meet weekly for discussions (on Friday nights and the below listed times).

Zoom Meeting Days and Times

The Year 1 Discipleship School meets on Friday nights at these times: Time 7:00 PM (PST); 9:00 PM (CST); 10:00 PM (EST).

Essentials for This Discipleship School Membership

You will need:

  • a heart to learn
  • a teachable spirit
  • your Bible
  • a trusty Bible concordance
  • Webster’s 1828 Dictionary online or app
  • a computer, phone, or other electronic device with internet connection
  • a computer, phone, or other electronic device with a functioning camera
  • the Zoom app
  • a printer, printer paper, ink/toner to print out your notebook pages
  • a 3-ring paper hole punch
  • a 3″ 3-ring binder in which to place your notebook pages
  • pencils/pens of your choice for writing on your notebook pages

About Your Discipleship Mentor

Heather Hall is a wife and homeschooling mom of ten. Currently, three of her children are Principle Approach® homeschool high school graduates. She’s certified in Ben Gilmore’s Principles of American Government course and she’s a certified Master Teacher in The Principle Approach® which she has been teaching with for over 15 years.

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The Biblical-Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™

The Principle Approach

The Principle Approach

Footnote 1: The Noah Plan® [and/or] The Principle Approach® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

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