The Biblical Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™ Course

The Biblical Principle Approach

The Biblical Principle Approach is a way of life. It’s how Christians have historically thought and reasoned from Biblical principles (the truths of God’s Word), and lived according to Biblical principles in all spheres of life. It’s the Hebraic way of reflective life and learning which carried over into the Protestant Reformation as God’s Word was restored to education. And, it was a part of America’s education for her first 150 years. That said, Biblical principles are for all people and all nations. A bonus is that this philosophy and method can be learned with ease.

There are many parents like you who are unsure, insecure,
and overwhelmed about how to disciple their children.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.
There is a way for you to become capable, confident,
and equipped to disciple your children.

I’ve been in your shoes, trying to figure it out, so I get you.


Heather Hall
Principle Approach
Master Teacher


Ashley Cox, Homeschool Mom

  •  “I signed up for the Biblical Principle Approach Homeschool Experience because I needed help understanding how to homeschool with the Principle Approach®. What I quickly learned from this membership was that the Biblical Principle Approach is not a teaching style; it is about learning to live a Biblical-Principled life.”

Heather Gray, Mom

  •  “It has been a pleasure to work with Heather Hall. Her gentle and thoughtful intelligence shines through her studies. Through questions, pondering, discussion, and answers, I have grown in my understanding of God and His principles, and I have benefited from the leadership and guidance she has provided in our study group.”

Stephanie W., Homeschool Mom

  •  “Principled Academy has been such an encouraging resource for me as a homeschool Mom of 2 girls. Heather does a wonderful job simplifying what it means to teach and learn using Biblical principles and how to implement it not only in each subject within our homeschool but daily lives as well. It’s certainly a whole life approach that is Scripturally sound.”

‘Weaving Mama’., Homeschool Mom

  •  “This is the best “How-To” of the Principle Approach® I have seen! I am researching and learning more about this method of teaching and it always seems very complicated. Your explanation really helps me to see where I need to go in my planning, now. “

What You Can Expect From This Course

Christian homeschool parents will learn the foundations of the Biblical Principle Approach philosophy and method. This is applicable to both life and learning. By the end of this course, parents will be able to comprehend its application to life and how to put together a basic lesson plan on their own.

The Schedule for This Course is as Follows:

  • Four (4) consecutive weeks, each consisting of: One (1) pre-recorded lesson per week; 3-6 assignments per lesson; and a once weekly Zoom meeting with Master Teacher in the Biblical Principle Approach, Heather Hall.
  • One (1) week break.
  • Four (4) more consecutive weeks, each consisting of: One (1) pre-recorded lesson per week; 3-6 assignments per lesson; and a once weekly Zoom meeting with Heather Hall.
  • There is an online community right here at Principled Academy. In this online community, members of this course submit their assignments for review. Members further discuss their assignments within the live Zoom meetings.

Will I Be Proficient in the Biblical Principle Approach Through This Course?

This course gives you the foundation you need to begin your Biblical Principle Approach life and homeschool journey. There is much more involved with this philosophy and method that cannot be covered in 8 weeks. Proficiency comes through discipleship, mentoring, and practice. For that, we offer the annual Biblical Principle Approach Homeschool Experience™ Membership (monthly).

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