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Attention Christian husbands and wives who want a strong foundation for their marriage and families:

Family is the foundation of all societies. And thriving societies have Christ as their Foundation.

It’s important for the husband and wife to have Jesus Christ as their Savior. He is the Foundation of their family society. And, it’s God’s principles (found within the Bible) that unify the couple.

Early on in our marriage, we discovered that applying the Biblical-Principle Approach (aka the BPA) philosophy to our marriage, parenting, and home keeps Christ as the foundation. And, we’ve learned this as we’ve joined the Biblical-Principle Approach method to our learning Biblical principles for all of life.

That doesn’t mean it has been perfect or smooth sailing all of the time. We’re fallible people like you. And, as individuals we learn, grow, and apply Biblical principles at different rates. But, when we each change internally because of Jesus Christ and God’s Biblical principles, we reach unity. As a result, our marriage is strengthened and our lives change. We want this for you, too!

The Biblical Principle Approach is About Life—Not Just “Education”

It’s common for individuals to think of a philosophy and method being placed in a box called “education” and to focus on the (external) use of it. But, its nature is truly internal and it encompasses all of life in addition to subjects we study and learn in education.

The Biblical-Principle Approach is a way of life—an internalization of Biblical principles that changes our hearts, renews our minds in Christ Jesus, and forms our character to be like His. It’s integrated in every-day living. This course helps couples to grow together in their understanding of:

  • the Biblical-Principle Approach in relation to the individual, couples, family, and home
  • God’s providence
  • God’s sovereignty
  • the three functions of parenting
  • principles of liberty within marriage, family, and the home
  • recommended resources to further your growth as individuals and as a couple

Change Begins with the Individual

Our course is a great starting point if you or your spouse are just starting out with the Biblical-Principle Approach. Just keep in mind that change first begins with each individual. This is key!

This self-paced course gives a foundational understanding of how Biblical principles give us freedom as individuals, in our marriages, families, and homes. This is because change begins with individuals and with families.

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