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Teaching Bible Principles in your homeschool has never been easier! Let us help you keep the Bible at the heart of education while allowing you to keep your family together during lessons. Or, if you choose to, work one-on-one with your children.

We believe the whole Bible is the inspired written word of God. As such, your children will have a balance of learning about Jesus (Yeshua) as the only begotten Son of God, God’s instructions for life and His principles to live by.

Save time by using the lessons offered through our Chrysalis Members’ Club. Have access to video lessons, printable lesson content, and 4R Method notebook pages (Research, Reason, Relate, Record).




Are you looking for help with the Principle Approach® method in your homeschool? Maybe you aren’t 100% sure about the Principle Approach® method, but you at least know that you desire to teach principles from the Bible in each subject. We have talked with many families over the years who are either having a difficult time understanding how to use the Principle Approach® method or that don’t have the time to design lessons for their children. Principled Academy’s Chrysalis membership may be an answer for you!


If you can relate, we would love to come along your side and help you succeed with these goals in your homeschooling journey.


It’s more than something fresh, it’s a breath of fresh air!
It’s affordable, saves you time and money, and is designed to include K-12th grades.
It’s perfect for the whole family.

We like to think of Principled Academy as a chrysalis where, together, we go through transformation by the renewing of our minds via learning Bible Principles (Truths). How exciting that we get to do this daily along side our children as we homeschool them! Isn’t it a lovely thought and reality that as we grow and mature in Christ-like love, faith, and walk in Yeshua’s steps that our families emerge like beautiful butterflies in due season? How joyful that we can, in a sense, share the sweet nectar of Scripture with others by living God’s instructions for life.

Our Chrysalis Members’ Club for K-12 Includes:

Open My Eyes© Curriculum
English, Literature, History and Geography, Math and Science with Key Individual Studies, and Art

All taught with Bible Principles and a Providential View, helping students to think “Cause to Effect.”

  • Some videos to help you teach
  • Printable Lessons
  • Printable 4R Method Notebook Pages (Research, Reason, Relate, and Record)
  • Some additional books are recommended and are separate purchases (or borrowed from your local library if available) from our curriculum.

This is different than teacher training. It’s an effort to come along your side as the parent-teacher and help you reach your goals by offering basic lessons and corresponding notebook pages to save you time. If you desire to teach your children Bible Principles with the Principle Approach® method, this may be a solution for you. You can do it!

The Caterpillar Members area contains examples of printable lessons much like what a school year with Principled Academy has to offer you. The lessons are brief, concise, and basic. Whatever your student’s level is at is where you take the lesson; you know your child best and can be trusted to determine how little or how much they are ready to learn.

We think that there are benefits and blessings with a “less is more” homeschooling lifestyle…


Do We Offer A Complete Curriculum?

While much of what we offer is using the Noah Plan® overviews as a spine, we are approaching it in the following way:

In History and Geography and Art, we offer weekly lesson content. This may be expanded with further readings as you see fit for your personal homeschool. The extra materials you may largely consider are suggested in the Noah Plan® Sixth Grade Overviews. There are, however, other books we recommend for reading as well. While we’re using the Sixth Grade Overviews for this year, we are using it as a spine for K-12. This means that suggested readings and Principle Approach® lessons vary by age/grade.

Many families already have a Math, Science and English curriculum that suits them. We offer Key Individual and Bible Principles studies via the Principle Approach® method in these subjects.

In Literature, we offer video content to aid you in teaching literature with the Principle Approach® 4R Notebook method and background information on the author/authoress. Due to copyright laws, we are unable to read the literature to you in video or audio recordings. You still may be able to find audio books or audio dramas already published. Better yet, your children may enjoy you reading aloud to the family or being assigned the reading!

How It Works:

  • With your monthly membership, you have immediate access to each month’s Open My Eyes© curriculum lesson content.
  • You choose what notebook pages to use for the lessons depending on the grades/ability levels of your students.

Can I Use This Membership Curriculum For My Homeschool Co-op, Homeschool Support Group, or Multi-Family Students?

  • The Chrysalis Members’ Club is for individual families only (i.e. your immediate family living in your household).
  • If you would like to use it in a group setting, please contact us for special pricing.
  • If you purchase any of our lesson bundles found at our shop, these may be used in group settings. These are added to our shop periodically.

In our Principle Approach® journey with a large family consisting of Kindergarten to High School ranges to teach, we’ve adopted a way to keep it simple. And we hope that our efforts will bless you in your Principle Approach® journey as well!

Our lessons have been implemented and reviewed in both Principle Approach® homeschool co-op settings and individual homeschools via our Beta Team.

Read what one of our  Beta Team Members has to say:

I don’t think there is anything out there like you are doing…I haven’t seen it anyway and I research a lot! The principle approach has NOT been easy for me to get my mind around to TEACH so this way my first attempt at it. I really see the Lord using your passion and understanding of it to help others understand and implement it. So THANK YOU and may the Lord continue to inspire you in this way.

 Ann S., A Homeschooling Mom

Yes! I want to get started today!

Monthly Membership: Initially, you will be charged $30. You will then be charged $30 every 30 days for as long as you choose to continue using our Open My Eyes© curriculum as a part of the Chrysalis Members’ Club for one full calendar year.

Yearly Membership: You will be charged a one-time fee of $300. This offer has all of the same features and conditions of the Monthly Membership, it just saves you some more money.

(Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions.)

We’re excited to and feel blessed to come along your side in your homeschooling journey! Get started today!

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P.S. If you’re uncertain, sign up and give the Chrysalis Members’ Club a try. If you decide that it’s not for your family, simply contact us within your first month and we will refund your money and cancel your membership.

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