Teaching Americas Providential History, Principle Approach, Classical Education

Teaching America’s Providential History

Teaching America’s Providential History Many Americans who are Christian are unaware of God’s Providence in regards to the history of our nation.  As such, there’s a concerning lack of parents and teachers teaching America’s Providential History. In order to help preserve our liberties, we need to be teaching our children our Providential History. And we need to do this from very young ages. In essence, we need to teach them about God’s plan to prepare Read more about Teaching America’s Providential History[…]


American Thanksgiving Day

Why It’s Okay to Celebrate the American Thanksgiving Day If you know about our Christian Heritage, you’ll already know this is something we can enjoy. However, each year there is always at lease one individual singing the refrain: “We should be thankful every day”. While this is true, the point of Thanksgiving Day is to remember our Christian Heritage and History in the work which God did in the lives of lives of the Pilgrims. Read more about American Thanksgiving Day[…]

Thanksgiving Day Printable {Word Art}- Our Christian Heritage

Happy November! One of my favorite days regarding a historical event is coming up… Thanksgiving Day! It’s not about turkey. It’s not about stuffing. It’s not about Macey’s Parade.  It’s about the Gospel moving westward. It’s about our Christian Heritage. It’s about God’s Providential Hand with the forming of this nation on Biblical Principles. It’s about… each word contained within this printable word art.  I’m aware that the contrary is often taught. BUT, I am Read more about Thanksgiving Day Printable {Word Art}- Our Christian Heritage[…]

Thanksgiving Day Games- Homeschool Co-op Party

During our homeschool co-op Thanksgiving Day parties, I recapped about the Protestant Reformation we covered in October and how the Separatists (later called Pilgrims) were alive around that time. I went over the “chain of Christianity” from the Plymoth Plantation Day Packet (you can find it at my store for purchase) and made a copy of page 27 for each family to help them see God’s Providential Hand in the flow of these events. I Read more about Thanksgiving Day Games- Homeschool Co-op Party[…]

They Wanted to Worship Freely…

It wasn’t until this year in my studies of the Protestant Reformation that I made the connection of the Reformation and the Separatists (later called Pilgrims). How interesting that Reformation Day took place prior to Thanksgiving Day… the order these events took place allows one day to lead into the next according to the history timeline. There is just so much to learn from the Separatists/Pilgrims, and the Native Americans and God’s Providential Hand. This Read more about They Wanted to Worship Freely…[…]

Thanksgiving Day Prep- Part A

Are we off our rocker for getting ready for Thanksgiving Day? We don’t think so! I know… I know… everyone is getting ready for Halloween. We skip over Halloween because we had these questions: What’s the purpose of Halloween? What are the principles (origins) of it? How does this holiday have anything to do with God? How does it draw us closer to Him or honor Him? And the answers we came across in our Read more about Thanksgiving Day Prep- Part A[…]