The Self-Governed Child: The Hope of Our Nation

This guest post is by Gina Harden with Liberty Grows. The Self-Governed Child: The Hope of Our Nation   Every religion has its form of government. Judaism has the Mosaic law, a form of external government; Islam has Sharia law; and “Christianity astonished the world by establishing self-government in America.” Self-government is the government of God internally. James Madison said that we “rest all our political experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.” Many Read more about The Self-Governed Child: The Hope of Our Nation[…]


Teaching Self-Government

Teaching Self-Government Teaching Self-Government is the second governmental principle we teach in a Biblical-Classical Education. In fact, it plays a highly important role in the formation of Christian character. And it’s taught throughout Scripture and is something we see our Forefathers and Founding Fathers value. Plus, it’s a part of Webster’s 1828 dictionary definition of education. As such, it’s a key study and training in a Biblical-Classical education.   Self-Government Consider the defining aspects of Read more about Teaching Self-Government[…]

American Christian History Self Government Homeschool Curriculum

American Christian History: Self Government

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no extra cost to you, I’ll earn a commission off of the purchase you make through it. American Christian History: Self Government Do you know the difference between Church History and American Christian History?  Many times these two history types confuse people.  But they’re not one and the same.  For Church History, as it implies, is the history of churches throughout the ages.  However, American Christian Read more about American Christian History: Self Government[…]

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Why You Should Take Notes & Expect Your Children To Also

When I first started learning and teaching with the Principle Approach® method, my main source of lessons was the Noah Plan® curriculum. It’s the best Christian homeschool curriculum out there, by the way. Since the lesson content using the method was already put together, I didn’t bother much with taking notes for myself. This was well and good in the beginning of my journey because I was in the baby step stages of figuring out Read more about Why You Should Take Notes & Expect Your Children To Also[…]

How To Shape Your Thinking About Your Homeschool

Do you remember reading about Molly and how she struggled during the school year? What happened next with Molly after she developed a vision for her homeschool? Molly felt positive and a sense of accomplishment after going through simple steps to create a vision for her homeschool. However, she discovered that she still needed to shape her thinking about the future of her homeschool. Feeling that she was now on a solid path to help Read more about How To Shape Your Thinking About Your Homeschool[…]