Teaching Self-Government

Teaching Self-Government Teaching Self-Government is the second governmental principle we teach in a Biblical-Classical Education. In fact, it plays a highly important role in the formation of Christian character. And it’s taught throughout Scripture and is something we see our Forefathers and Founding Fathers value. Plus, it’s a part of Webster’s 1828 dictionary definition of education. As such, it’s a key study and training in a Biblical-Classical education.   Self-Government Consider the defining aspects of Read more about Teaching Self-Government[…]

Word Study Wednesday- Define Reform

Since we are leading up to Reformation Day, I thought I’d do a word study on the word reform. What does it mean to reform? Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: REFORM’, v.t. [L. reformo; re and formo, to form.] 1. To change from worse to better; to amend; to correct; to restore to a former good state, or to bring from a bad to a good state; as, to reform a profligate man; to reform corrupt manners Read more about Word Study Wednesday- Define Reform[…]

Reformation Day! Lady Jane Grey

When I learned about Reformation Day, I didn’t understand why I had never heard of it while growing up! And I wonder why more churches don’t highlight it? It was an important time in history! This year, our family is learning about Lady Jane Grey. Have you ever heard of her? I just learned about her when researching. She was a queen for only 9 days! I am very excited to learn about this book Read more about Reformation Day! Lady Jane Grey[…]