How To Shape Your Thinking About Your Homeschool

Do you remember reading about Molly and how she struggled during the school year? What happened next with Molly after she developed a vision for her homeschool? Molly felt positive and a sense of accomplishment after going through simple steps to create a vision for her homeschool. However, she discovered that she still needed to shape her thinking about the future of her homeschool. Feeling that she was now on a solid path to help Read more about How To Shape Your Thinking About Your Homeschool[…]

On Western Thinking…

What does this have anything to do with the life of a Christian and education? What is western thinking any way? *West* indicates direction. West of where?… Asia!   To me, this is fascinating stuff! It helps explain ancient history and also many things about the Christian faith today (i.e. church history). Asia is the Continent of Origins… Have you considered that Asia is the Continent of Origins? I’m not in on the secret original Read more about On Western Thinking…[…]

You CAN do it! The Principle Approach Homeschool

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of furthering your own [re]education?  I know I did! After all, I’m a wife, a mother and I have a home to manage full-time! You know all about it because you live a busy and productive life, too. With all that our home-life ministries/careers call us to do, how can we possibly manage to further our own education (let alone re-educate ourselves)?! Well, today I have it impressed Read more about You CAN do it! The Principle Approach Homeschool[…]

How to be a Teacher and a Mentor

How often do you allow yourself to *veer* off your lesson plans to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading? Remember, God (YHVH) does not use a curriculum with us in life; He leads us with His Word and His Holy Spirit. Will we be teachable and set a teachable example for our children? It’s what the Principle Approach® method of teaching and learning is about… being led by the Holy Spirit.  What does He want you Read more about How to be a Teacher and a Mentor[…]

Purim Party! ~Homeschool Co-op

While we are not Jewish, we find that Purim is a cause for Christians to celebrate too! Providentially, God chose Jesus Christ to be born through the Jewish line. The prophets foretold of a coming Savior but as time passed an enemy of the Jews rose up. Haman’s plot, if successful, would have killed all of the Jews. If that happened, how would we have Jesus Christ our Savior?!! God was working behind the scenes Read more about Purim Party! ~Homeschool Co-op[…]

DIY Inspirational Mugs!

©Principled Academy 2013   It all started as a project for a recent girls’ club in our homeschool co-op. One of my daughters did a word study for the word drink, and she decided on this verse for the devotion and craft: 13 “Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, 14 but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I Read more about DIY Inspirational Mugs![…]

Half-Year Review

It’s that time again for me to sit down with each of our children and positively review how things are going with their learning. These things are actually addressed on a weekly basis at our Sunday night family meetings. However, the quarterly overview gives them a broader picture about what they have each accomplished. © Principled Academy   I love the criteria offered in the Noah Plan curricula! It helps for the kids to have Read more about Half-Year Review[…]

Thanksgiving Day Prep- Part A

Are we off our rocker for getting ready for Thanksgiving Day? We don’t think so! I know… I know… everyone is getting ready for Halloween. We skip over Halloween because we had these questions: What’s the purpose of Halloween? What are the principles (origins) of it? How does this holiday have anything to do with God? How does it draw us closer to Him or honor Him? And the answers we came across in our Read more about Thanksgiving Day Prep- Part A[…]