Purim Party! ~Homeschool Co-op

While we are not Jewish, we find that Purim is a cause for Christians to celebrate too! Providentially, God chose Jesus Christ to be born through the Jewish line. The prophets foretold of a coming Savior but as time passed an enemy of the Jews rose up. Haman’s plot, if successful, would have killed all of the Jews. If that happened, how would we have Jesus Christ our Savior?!! God was working behind the scenes Read more about Purim Party! ~Homeschool Co-op[…]

DIY Inspirational Mugs!

©Principled Academy 2013   It all started as a project for a recent girls’ club in our homeschool co-op. One of my daughters did a word study for the word drink, and she decided on this verse for the devotion and craft: 13 “Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, 14 but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I Read more about DIY Inspirational Mugs![…]

Unique Art Awards for Kids!

If you have a child artist or are an artist yourself, you know how special handmade items are. Today, I’m going to share my labor of love for my co-op kids with you. © Principled Academy 2013(click photo to enlarge) At the end of each school year, my husband and I look at individual works of art by each child from special categories (i.e. Master Artist, Artist Studies, Art History Studies, etc.). These pieces are Read more about Unique Art Awards for Kids![…]

Thanksgiving Day Games- Homeschool Co-op Party

During our homeschool co-op Thanksgiving Day parties, I recapped about the Protestant Reformation we covered in October and how the Separatists (later called Pilgrims) were alive around that time. I went over the “chain of Christianity” from the Plymoth Plantation Day Packet (you can find it at my store for purchase) and made a copy of page 27 for each family to help them see God’s Providential Hand in the flow of these events. I Read more about Thanksgiving Day Games- Homeschool Co-op Party[…]

Homeschool Club Day~ Individuality Crafts

I am behind of some posts because we’ve had a cold going around… again! So… without further ado I am trying to get caught up with my posts. We had our boys and girls club days last week. For the girls club meeting, I pulled from The Noah Plan History lesson on the Individuality of Leaves and also from the Starting With Me lesson. We started out with a discussion on Individuality and what makes Read more about Homeschool Club Day~ Individuality Crafts[…]

Homeschool Co-op: Getting Ready! Part 1

An exciting year awaits! We are serving two groups of families this year! We feel so blessed to be spending the school year with each one. I am scheduling about an hour a day to get things ready (of course I have some little helpers). If you missed my post on running a Bible Principle Approach® co-op with a simple format, you can read it here. My hope is to encourage and bless you by Read more about Homeschool Co-op: Getting Ready! Part 1[…]

A BPA Homeschool Co-op!

Okay, for those on the Principled Academy facebook page who wanted a post about forming a Bible Principles (aka Principle Approach®) based homeschool co-op with a simple format, here it is! © Principled AcademyWe attempted two U-Shaped table sections but it works best in our group to do one large U-Shape section. In your Bible Principles based co-op, you can choose a subject you love teaching the most and have that be the core individual Read more about A BPA Homeschool Co-op![…]