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How to Unite America

How to Unite America It sounds strange, doesn’t it? After all, aren’t we the United States of America? But we all know too well that we don’t quite own up to that union as much as we have in times past. Of course, some individuals will argue that. They’ll say that the shape America is taking is quite what they have in mind. Therefore, to them there’s quite a union indeed. And perhaps there is Read more about How to Unite America[…]

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The Principle Approach® and Greek Myths

The Principle Approach® and Greek Myths If you’re like me, at first you may not be sure where to take the topic of studying Greek Myths. In my educational background, home education makes up most of my formal education. And my parents didn’t ever teach us about Greek Myths. In fact, The Little Mermaid was off limits because of the false gods in the film. So, naturally my initial inclination is to also not teach Read more about The Principle Approach® and Greek Myths[…]

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Teaching America’s Providential History

Teaching America’s Providential History Many Americans who are Christian are unaware of God’s Providence in regards to the history of our nation.  As such, there’s a concerning lack of parents and teachers teaching America’s Providential History. In order to help preserve our liberties, we need to be teaching our children our Providential History. And we need to do this from very young ages. In essence, we need to teach them about God’s plan to prepare Read more about Teaching America’s Providential History[…]

American Christian History Self Government Homeschool Curriculum

American Christian History: Self Government

This post contains affiliate links which means that, at no extra cost to you, I’ll earn a commission off of the purchase you make through it. American Christian History: Self Government Do you know the difference between Church History and American Christian History?  Many times these two history types confuse people.  But they’re not one and the same.  For Church History, as it implies, is the history of churches throughout the ages.  However, American Christian Read more about American Christian History: Self Government[…]


American Thanksgiving Day

Why It’s Okay to Celebrate the American Thanksgiving Day If you know about our Christian Heritage, you’ll already know this is something we can enjoy. However, each year there is always at lease one individual singing the refrain: “We should be thankful every day”. While this is true, the point of Thanksgiving Day is to remember our Christian Heritage and History in the work which God did in the lives of lives of the Pilgrims. Read more about American Thanksgiving Day[…]

Reformation Day Revival: Sharing the Joy of God’s Word Where You Stand

The bowl of candy sat on the desk, hugged by little papers blanketed in a brief history of the cause to effect of the Protestant Reformation. Two tall LED candles, on either side of the bowl, lit up the cross overlooking the bowl. Bibles were stacked to the right with little notes: “Free Bibles, Please take one. Happy Reformation Day!” A sign hung up behind and above the cross with the same brief history of Read more about Reformation Day Revival: Sharing the Joy of God’s Word Where You Stand[…]

Free Principle Approach® Mathematics Lesson

Greetings! It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s Membership Monday! We have our first free lesson available for you: Mathematics, God, and History What is the significance of mathematics in History? What is the basic principle? Research Do a word study Find out the Leading Idea Find out the Bible Principle Reason and Relate What does Scripture say? Consider the events on the timeline of His Story Is mathematics a “created” Read more about Free Principle Approach® Mathematics Lesson[…]

Lamb #wordstudywednesday

(click to enlarge) I was amazed when I learned that God has a calendar with appointed times (appointments) on it. I had not looked at it that way before. It makes sense though and it is proven throughout all of Scripture (in context). All of history is His Story and is on His timeline. That isn’t a new thought to many of us. A timeline pertains to time. Time relates to seconds, minutes, hours, days, Read more about Lamb #wordstudywednesday[…]

The Great Depression

We typically follow history in chronological order on the Christian Timeline. However, at the beginning of the school year, I felt led to cover the Great Depression with our children. But how does that tie into the Bible???  Well, I had to begin with research. Step 1. Research A. I researched for literature to read and I came across a book at the library titled: We Had Everything But Money. What a wonderful book! It’s Read more about The Great Depression[…]