Biblical-Classical Middle School Homeschool: The Principle Approach®

Biblical-Classical Middle School Homeschool: The Principle Approach® Homeschooling middle school? Welcome to our Biblical-Classical middle school resource: the Principle Approach® article! Homeschooling middle school students is amazing. Before we know it, they’ll be homeschooling high school. Therefore, we have precious little time between now and then in which to intentionally immerse our students in Bible Principles. But praise God that we have this time! A Biblical-Classical education is also known as a Principle Approach® education. Read more about Biblical-Classical Middle School Homeschool: The Principle Approach®[…]

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The Noah Plan® Kindergarten Essentials

The Noah Plan® Kindergarten Essentials Considering using the The Noah Plan® Kindergarten curriculum in your homeschool? How wonderful! You’ll appreciate knowing in advance what The Noah Plan® Kindergarten essentials you need. In this way, you’re not surprised that you’ll need a few more books than the curriculum itself. To be sure, in the back of The Noah Plan® curriculum (p. 295), a list of books and publishers is given. But, it’s super helpful to know while you’re already making Read more about The Noah Plan® Kindergarten Essentials[…]

On Western Thinking…

What does this have anything to do with the life of a Christian and education? What is western thinking any way? *West* indicates direction. West of where?… Asia!   To me, this is fascinating stuff! It helps explain ancient history and also many things about the Christian faith today (i.e. church history). Asia is the Continent of Origins… Have you considered that Asia is the Continent of Origins? I’m not in on the secret original Read more about On Western Thinking…[…]

They Wanted to Worship Freely…

It wasn’t until this year in my studies of the Protestant Reformation that I made the connection of the Reformation and the Separatists (later called Pilgrims). How interesting that Reformation Day took place prior to Thanksgiving Day… the order these events took place allows one day to lead into the next according to the history timeline. There is just so much to learn from the Separatists/Pilgrims, and the Native Americans and God’s Providential Hand. This Read more about They Wanted to Worship Freely…[…]

Color Coded Library!

I’ve been asked about sharing how I organize our personal library. So, here’s my little post on how I do this. I hope it encourages you and that you can tweak it as you see fit for your family.  As you know, we homeschool and that means that through the years we have accumulated several books. I found it necessary to have our books organized in some visual way to help keep things simple. I Read more about Color Coded Library![…]