Reformation Day Revival: Sharing the Joy of God’s Word Where You Stand

The bowl of candy sat on the desk, hugged by little papers blanketed in a brief history of the cause to effect of the Protestant Reformation. Two tall LED candles, on either side of the bowl, lit up the cross overlooking the bowl. Bibles were stacked to the right with little notes: “Free Bibles, Please take one. Happy Reformation Day!” A sign hung up behind and above the cross with the same brief history of Read more about Reformation Day Revival: Sharing the Joy of God’s Word Where You Stand[…]

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Free Principle Approach® Lesson: Foundations of Language

It’s Membership Monday! Have you been enjoying our free Principle Approach® video lessons? Remember that Principled Academy’s Caterpillar Club Members have full access to lessons with printable lesson content and 4R (Research, Reason, Relate, and Record) notebook pages. What is the foundation of language? How is language a tool for obtaining liberty? What is the basic principle? Research Do a word study Find out the Leading Idea Find out the Bible Principle Reason and Relate Read more about Free Principle Approach® Lesson: Foundations of Language[…]

The Epic Formula to Raising Bible Scholars

As a Christian homeschool parent, one of the biggest blessings about homeschooling is the ability to raise Bible scholars. Firstly, I want my children to learn about both the context and about the culture of passages that they’re reading. Secondly, I want them to be able to organize information to help them understand what they’re reading. Thirdly, I want them to build their Bible vocabulary. And last but not least, I want them to be Read more about The Epic Formula to Raising Bible Scholars[…]

9 Scriptural Truths You Need to Know for Your Homeschool

Are you homeschooling with all that you can muster within you? Except that maybe you either can’t afford or manage the time for the extra art classes, the gymnastics, the fun drama classes, the ballet lessons, the volleyball teams, the football teams, the basketball teams, the piano/violin lessons, the debate club… and oh how that list can grow. Especially if you have multiple children! Do you feel as though you are failing at providing your Read more about 9 Scriptural Truths You Need to Know for Your Homeschool[…]

Purim Party! ~Homeschool Co-op

While we are not Jewish, we find that Purim is a cause for Christians to celebrate too! Providentially, God chose Jesus Christ to be born through the Jewish line. The prophets foretold of a coming Savior but as time passed an enemy of the Jews rose up. Haman’s plot, if successful, would have killed all of the Jews. If that happened, how would we have Jesus Christ our Savior?!! God was working behind the scenes Read more about Purim Party! ~Homeschool Co-op[…]