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I’m so excited to share with you about ministries that I’ve learned about in the past few years. These homeschool-friendly Biblical Classical resources will help you stick with the historical philosophy and method of Christian reasoning all the way through your homeschool. They help lighten the load so that your time is freed up, making it easier than ever.

Restoration Era on the Liberty History Timeline

Providential History

What is a Biblical Classical Education?

In short, Christians have historically had an approach to life and learning that is comprised of a Biblical reasoning philosophy and method for life and learning. It’s seen in the Protestant Reformation. And, we see it in the DNA of America’s first schools and universities like Harvard (in her early years). I’d say a Biblical Classical form of learning is more fully expressed in America’s history.

This means that we learn to think, reason, and live according to Biblical principles and a Providential View of life and subjects. Oftentimes, Christians do this in only some areas of life and learning. However, our goal as Christians ought to be application in all areas of life and learning.

Of note, I write about authentic Biblical Classical resources that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt
are either The Principle Approach®(1), are like-minded ministries, or that are compatible with the application of an authentic Biblical Classical Education. If it’s not listed on my website, it likely isn’t a true authentic Biblical Classical Education resource.

However, many others refer to the historic Christian way of Biblical thinking and Biblical reasoning with individual expression as:

  • The Principle Approach®(1)
  • Providential Education
  • American Christian Education (American Christian History Institute)
  • Founding Father’s Education
  • Principled Education (Brazil)
  • Principled Education Approach (Brazil)
  • Biblical Reasoning Education
  • Biblical Reasoning Approach
  • Self-Government Education and Biblical Education

In any case, it’s Biblical Classical in form. There’s so much to learn from each ministry!

Biblical Classical Ministries

I wish that I had known of the various Biblical Classical ministries listed below at the beginning of my journey. Since my blog’s focus is now more about the broader scope of Biblical Classical way of life and learning, I’ll be writing from time-to-time about these other resources as well.

The following are the current Biblical Classical Ministries which I have learned of in the past few years:

  • ACH Study Groups with Ben Gilmore (curriculum) | Get to know Ben and Fran Gilmore in Episodes 21, 22, 23 of the Principles in Practice homeschool podcast.
  • Providence Foundation with Stephen McDowell (literature, curriculum, and trainings)
  • Greater Than I Ministries (curriculum)
  • Get Wisdom! with Ron Kirk (curriculum) | Get to know Ron Kirk in Episodes 83, 84, and 85 of the Principles in Practice homeschool podcast.

I’ve known about the following ministries for longer than those listed above:

  • Philomath Foundation (teachings with handouts)
  • Pilgrim Institute (curriculum and trainings)
  • World History Institute (literature and teachings)

Elementary Biblical Classical Resources

Allow me to introduce you to Elizabeth Youman’s Chrysalis International materials. Since God has lovingly blessed us with a large family and since we still have little ones, I’m going to enjoy the use of many of Elizabeth’s materials in our homeschool.

These are all put together with Biblical principles, leading ideas, coloring pages, maps, music, crafts/art and drama.

Current Chrysalis International Literature Studies:

These literature studies are each listed as a part of the overviews by FACE that may be used as a guide to help frame one’s school year. These are so helpful, even if a family doesn’t stick to the overviews by FACE one-hundred percent.

  • Little House in the Big Woods
  • Pinocchio
  • Bach, the Boy from Thuringia
  • Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin
  • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Hans Brinker
  • Heidi
  • Joel, a Boy of Galilee

Current Chrysalis International Bible Studies:

  • Genesis Unit 1
  • Genesis Unit 2
  • The Book of Exodus
  • The Book of Joshua
  • The Books of Ruth and Esther
  • The Book of Psalms
  • The Book of Proverbs
  • Be My Witnesses
  • The Gospel of Luke
  • The Gospel of John
  • Timeline of Promise

Current Chrysalis International’s Story Telling Curriculum:

  • Wellspring of Wonder®

ACH Study Groups

Ben Gilmore was my first one-on-one mentor in the application of Biblical principles to government (he’s like a spiritual great-grandfather to me). After being discipled and mentored by him, I had a huge growth spurt spiritually and in the application of Biblical principles and how to see the things through a stronger Biblical lens. I am forever grateful for his servant-leadership and loving-kindness toward his students. And, I’m thankful to be counted among his students.

The Principles of American Government Study

Ben no longer offers live courses. But, he put his course together in a study. I use it in my homeschool and to disciple and mentor others one-on-one, along with my notes from my conversations with Ben. This resource is invaluable for restoring and keeping our Constitutional Federal Representative Republic. I can’t tell you how well it serves to help individuals learn how to think and reason from Biblical principles and their counter principles regarding life issues (voting on issues and for candidates).


Providence Foundation

Stephen McDowell has many great resources with the following topics:

  • America’s Christian and Providential History
  • Biblical Principles for Business
  • Biblical Policy
  • Biblical Revival and the Transformation of Nations
  • Biblical Thought
  • Christian Historical Biographies (for Key Individual studies)
  • Honest Money and Banking
  • The Biblical Family (you can find his session on that at our online Biblical Classical Homeschool Summit here)
  • The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
  • and many others (including some courses)

All of Providence Foundations’ resources contain Biblical principles and a Providential view of history. That makes it all the easier to implement researching, reflecting, and to have conversations that truly have Christ as the Focal Point of His Story.

Greater Than I Ministries

Have you heard of this like-minded ministry? We learned of it in September of 2022 when we met Roger Wheelock at an event we attended in Virginia.

Unbeknownst to my husband and I at the time, someone blessed us with a copy of his booklet You Are What You Think: Psychology and Humanism the Shaping of the Modern Mind. It is fabulous.

Greater Than I Ministries is definitely a Biblically Theistic worldview curriculum.

Aero South

If you would like to include shop and engineering in your Biblical Classical homeschool, meet Aero South. They’re offering a Biblical worldview solution to these fields. Isn’t this wonderful?! Their curriculum covers classical sketching and drawing skills and letter. Plus, it includes CAD and 3D printing and shop projects.

Our family is thrilled to begin including Aero South’s materials as a part of our Biblical Classical homeschool.

Pilgrim Institute

Mrs. Ruth Smith has brilliantly designed a homeschool-friendly American History curriculum titled The Mighty Works of God. I find it easy to use with her story book and teacher guide that aides in discussion and reasoning questions per principle. You can read my review of The Mighty Works of God: Christian Self Government here.

Philomath Foundation

Katherine Dang has done classic work as well. She has taught some of our family via Zoom Universal History, Ancient History: Law Without Liberty, Volume 1 and Universal History, Middle History, The Law of Liberty, Volume 2. I highly recommend her books which also come with a disc of graphic organizers and map work.

She also has handouts and audios from which to learn at her website Philomath Foundation.

World History Institute

World History Institute is the late Marshall Foster’s ministry regarding Providential Histories. As I understand it, Kirk Cameron is carrying this torch now. Marshall has many excellent and encouraging history resources to utilize in one’s Biblical Classical homeschool.

The Foundation for American Christian Education

Most of my blogging years have been invested in primarily promoting FACE and their materials, so my readers are probably well aware of the wonderful resources they have to offer. I recommend their Summer Training Course series and if you like pre-made lesson plans to help you get started, I recommend their K-3rd curriculum for consideration (you can shop for those at our store).

Biblical Classical Community

A newer resource that’s available to Biblical Classical homeschoolers is the Biblical Classical Community (BCC). Like-minded ministries are coming together to teach online courses so either whole families, parents, or children and youth can learn (it depends on whom the teachers want to gear their lessons toward).

Among the ministries coming together through BCC is Elizabeth Youmans’ ministry. She is offering her First Steps to Inspired Teaching and Learning training as a course at Biblical Classical Community.

Principled Academy

Principled Academy is offering courses and memberships for Christian homeschooling parents who want to:

  • grow more in their personal relationship with the Lord,
  • seek Him for what to teach their children,
  • disciple their children in life and learning,
  • their families to think, reason, and live according to Biblical principles
  • see the link of Biblical living, thinking, and reasoning for discipling the nations

Our first course is the Biblical Classical Homeschool Experience™ 9-month course. You can learn more and sign up for the watilist here.

(1)The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education.

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