Biblical Classical Community

Biblical Classical Community

Have you heard of the Biblical Classical Community?  Finally, there is a community for Christian families who desire to incorporate authentic, historic Biblical thinking and Biblical reasoning in their homeschools. It has been a prayer of mine since my early homeschool years with our children. It turns out that it has been a prayer on the hearts of several others as well. Now, several trained Biblical Classical teachers are coming together to make online courses available. These are created for like-minded homeschooling parents who desire to implement authentic and historic Biblical Classical education with more ease. Continue reading in order to learn more about the Biblical Classical Community (BCC).


Why an Online Platform of Courses with a Biblical Classical Focus in Education?

▪️Some families aren’t able to afford a private Christian school (especially if they have a large family).
▪️Most families don’t have access to Christian schools that teach an authentic and historic Biblical Classical education.
▪️Many parents want to homeschool their children–they treasure their role as parents and want the time with their children.
▪️Oftentimes, parents don’t have the time to invest in the studying, putting together lesson plans, and creating their own curriculum.
▪️Parents prefer to tailor their child’s education—oftentimes with more of a focus on missions and ministry.
▪️It’s common for homeschooling parents to be uncertain about how to study and teach some subjects with a Biblical Classical education.
▪️Many parents want to implement this philosophy and method in their homeschool with ease.
▪️And, some parents want the flexibility of homeschooling without the format of a school.
Enter Biblical Classical Community: Our teachers are trained in Biblical Classical education. Their lessons consist of individual expression of historic and authentic Biblical thinking and Biblical reasoning. Our courses help parents make their vision for their families—and our nation—come true. It’s a way to disciple whole Christian families. 💙


Do you want your child to have a Biblical worldview? At the root of every subject is a Biblical foundation and a providential view of history. Our courses use Biblical principles to cultivate a Biblical worldview that brings liberty to the individual, family, church, and nation.

What are Biblical Classical Community’s Courses Like?

BCC Teachers teach on courses based on their gifts, talents, interests, and skills. BCC is not a school, so we do not have a specified list of courses that need to be offered. However, families may choose to utilize our courses in a homeschool hybrid sense. That’s up to individual families.

Courses vary in these other ways, dependent upon what individual BCC Teachers choose to offer:

  • Electives or summer clubs (1 month each)
  • 5 week courses
  • 10 week courses
  • 15 week courses (full semester)
  • 20 week courses
  • 26 week courses (full school year)
  • 30 week courses

Courses may be designed for:

  • individual grades
  • mixed grade ranges (e.g. 9th – 12th grades)
  • whole families
  • the parents/guardians
  • a combination of these depended upon the Master Teacher

It’s important to note that some courses will be open and some will be closed.

Open means that courses are pre-recorded and individuals may start it whenever they like. But, there aren’t any live sessions via Zoom or a similar platform. Additionally, there are notebook pages to go along with the course. BCC Teachers may have students in the course upload their work for discussion via the group for that course.

Closed means that there is a start and finish date. Because there are some or all live sessions being offered in the course, students can’t randomly sign up and participate. These are scheduled out. That said, lessons may be pre-recorded. However, there may be live sessions for students and the teacher for discussion throughout a course. Or, there may be a live session at the end of each month or the course itself. To be sure, each course description explains the details. Closed courses will have a wait list for the next time enrollment is open.


How Does Biblical Classical Community Define a Teacher?

My dear friend and mentor Ben Gilmore taught me that:


“A Master Teacher is someone who plants a seed and it will grow for a lifetime.”


Therefore, we honor and recognize teachers who have received authentic and historic Biblical Classical training in education because; they are planting seeds of Truth that will grow for a lifetime.. They may have been trained by:

  • Ben Gilmore
  • Bill Burtness
  • James Kilkenny (YWAM in Tyler, Tx).
  • James B. Rose
  • Katherine Dang
  • Marshall Foster
  • Ruth Smith
  • Other trained teachers via YWAM in Tyler, Tx.
  • FACE

There’s so much beauty in seeing so many individuals, homeschools, ministries, missionary work, and schools that share in the efforts to restore our historic Biblical thinking and Biblical reasoning to America. BCC is a place for Biblical Classical teachers to come together with a shared heart and vision for the Christian homeschool community.


The most important thing is that God is brought glory as Romans 15:6 encourages:


“That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” -(KJV)


Honoring BCC Teachers via God’s Principles

BCC honors individual teachers who teach with historic Biblical Classical education via their individual ministries

Most of all, we believe that this honors God’s Principles of:

  • Individuality: We honor each individual who is trained and have pure hearts to disciple others for God’s glory.
  • Christian Self-Government: Each teacher governs rightly their education and teaching to bring glory to God.
  • Christian Character: Each teacher walks in brotherly and sisterly love in Christ Jesus (John 13:35 and Philippians 2:3)
  • Unity with Variety: We are unified in the philosophy and method that we teach. And, we have a diverse pallet of courses for families to choose from.
  • Private Property: Conscience is the most sacred of it all. We teach our own lessons from personal research, Biblical thinking, and Biblical reasoning. If any teacher refers to another individual’s work, he/she is to properly cite works, and honor copyright laws—honoring the private property of others.
  • Biblical Form: BCC teachers teach with authentic and historic Biblical thinking and reasoning to life and learning.
  • Local Authority: Each course is an independent creation by BCC Teachers. And, it’s their jurisdiction to govern.
  • Liberty: Each BCC Teacher has liberty to teach what the Lord leads them to teach (2 Corinthians 3:17).


Honoring Individuals and Families

BCC’s Teachers are either parents, grandparents, homeschooling parents, or missionaries.

In that light, we believe that what we are doing at Biblical Classical Community honors individuals and families via God’s Principles of:

  • Individuality: We honor the uniqueness of each individual, family, and homeschool.
  • Christian Self-Government: Each participating individual and family is to govern their own education.
  • Christian Character: Each participating individual and family is to practice walking in Christ-like character and brotherly love.
  • Unity with Variety: Families are unified on learning and applying Biblical thinking and reasoning for life and learning. Plus, families can use the diverse assortment of courses to help tailor their home education experience.
  • Private Property: Conscience is the most sacred of it all. Each participating family chooses to honor the private property of the teachers by respecting boundaries for payment and use of courses and course materials.
  • Biblical Form: Each individual and family represents rightly the fruit of a Biblical-central way of life and learning.
  • Local Authority: Parents are the authority over their children—liberty with law— and are the ones to govern their jurisdiction of family.
  • Liberty: Each individual and family has liberty to learn as the Lord leads them.

Coming Together

As committed Christians, we’re coming together to mentor those who desire to learn. In the end, it’s for the purpose of expanding God’s Kingdom and bringing Him glory. Together, we’re all stronger and the mission to restore is strengthened by unity of heart and mind.

Courses are being added as BCC Teachers upload them. Check back regularly to see what may be of interest to you.



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