7 Benefits of Homeschooling

Our family is a second generation homeschool family. It’s quite interesting to see how homeschooling has grown and changed over the years. But, one common thread is found throughout the years—there are many benefits of homeschooling.



What Are the Benefits of Homeschooling?


Ask any individual about what he or she thinks the benefits of homeschooling are, and you’re likely to get a large variety of answers. From a second generation homeschool perspective, I can think of a few that are top.


1. Your Family Can Keep Christ as the Foundation and Focal Point


I didn’t grow up with the Principle Approach®(1) philosophy and method. Living on the west coast, my parents hadn’t heard of it. Interestingly Miss Verna M. Hall and Miss Rosalie Salter, the founders of the Principle Approach®, lived in California. Nevertheless, it wasn’t quite marketed to homeschoolers then.

In any case, my parents kept Christ as the foundation of our home. Since homeschooling is a natural extension of parenting, He was the foundation of our homeschool as well.

That said, our learning wasn’t at its fullest potential with Christ as the Focal Point of each subject. God created each subject, yes. But, God has used each one to advance the Gospel westward.

So, thankfully, one of the benefits of homeschooling today is that there are many Principle Approach® resources available to help make this vision come true for homeschooling families.





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2. Your Family Learns How to Love Learning


With the 4-R Method of reason, research, relate, and record, you own your education. Implementing the 4-R Method makes you industrious. And, it’s satisfying to produce a notebook that reflects your own research, Biblical reasoning, and reflections.

Additionally, as your learn how to study each subject with a Providential view, you begin to truly love learning. There’s wonder, beauty, and purpose in all that we learn. It draws us closer to Creator God. How could any Christian not love that?


3. Your Family Can Learn How to Think and Reason Biblically


All of God’s principles for life are practical and intelligent. With the Principle Approach®, you learn how to think and reason Biblically through the issues of life. This is because at the root of every single issue is at least one principle.

In addition, you learn that there are counter principles to God’s principles. Being able to identify the counter principles helps you to figure out which of God’s principles is being dishonored.


4. Your Family Can Develop a Deep Sense of Purpose


So you’re a Christian. That’s great!

Now what?

Education is discipleship. And, the Principle Approach® is a philosophy and method that disciples Christians in God’s principles for all of life. Furthermore, you learn about God’s plan and purpose for the Gospel—liberty with law for all nations.

As you learn these principles, whatever nation in which you live, you develop a deep sense of purpose. This is because you learn God’s view of government and man in the spheres that God created:

  • Family
  • Volunteering
  • Church
  • Civil Government


5. Your Family Can Use Your Individual Gifts, Talents, and Interests to Serve Others


One of my favorite things is seeing how God has given such a variety of gifts, talents, and interests to each of our family members. Do you feel that way about yours, too?

As a family, we have been blessed to run a Principle Approach® homeschool co-op together, teach in other established homeschool co-ops, and we’ve served our community in other ways, too.

Serving has been a part of our family culture from the beginning. If our children were in a school, we’d miss out on serving together.


6. Your Family Can Grow Together


When you homeschool, you’re able to grow together. Because you’re able to spend quality time together—studying, learning, praying, playing, serving, working—you’re able to bond.

God designed the family to do life together. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you never spend time apart from each other. But, because you do spend more time together on average, you have the ability to grow together and closer together.

Family is the first sphere of government and society that children come to know. How well you govern your family determines the kind of blessing it will be in society. A well-ordered family will naturally produce good order in other societies. Therefore, you and your family are able to practice Christian self-government.

You and your children will never have the same kind of opportunity to be with each other like they do now as homeschoolers. And, brothers and sisters will never have the same ability to grow up together in any other situation.

Family is one of the greatest gifts that God has given.


7. Your Family Can Help Improve America

If your family lives in America, it can help with improving America. Conversely, if your family lives in another nation, your family can help improve it. But, my readers are largely American and I live in America, so this is my mission field of focus.


Footnote 1: The Noah Plan® [and/or] The Principle Approach® are registered trademarks of the Foundation for American Christian Education.



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