Beatrix Potter Day!

In the Noah Plan® Kindergarten curriculum, we learn about Beatrix Potter in our literature studies. I love Peter Rabbit and Friends so this is always special for me to go through with our young children.

Each time we go through this study and have our special literature day for it, we change it up a bit. One year we made a scrapbook page about Beatrix Potter and included little cut out illustrations in the public domain of some of Peter Rabbit and his friends. Depending on time, energy, budget, and creativity, some special days are more elaborate or simple than others. In any case, we enjoy the time because it’s something that we do together.

In honor of our Beatrix Potter Day celebration, we are giving away a free download of one of my Bible Principles Peter Rabbit and Friends study. You can get your free download by joining our Caterpillar Members’ Club! You can purchase all five of our Peter Rabbit and Friends literature study downloads at our store on sale for just $10.00 by going here. These guides gently show you how to apply the Principle Approach® method to your literature studies. The sale ends May 5, 2017.


In addition, we’ve prepared a special video for you so that you may get a glimpse of what we did and hopefully feel inspired for your own celebration. For the homemade sparkling punch, we used carbonated water and combined it with a homemade syrup made from organic fruit. It’s one of Cool Daddy’s specialties.


If you can find or make stuffed carrots like what you see in the video, they are great for a “Harvest the Carrots Relay”. If indoors, they can be stuffed upright in the center of sofa cushions for “harvesting”. If outdoors, they can be laid in a row on the lawn, standing upright in a container with soil or something else of your choice, or however your imagination is sparked.

We’d love for you to share about your Beatrix Potter Day celebration! Please leave a comment for the Principled Academy community to enjoy. If you happen to blog about your special day, please feel free to leave a link address in a comment below for families to enjoy.



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