Athanasius Christian Biographies for Young Readers- #Reformation Day Blog Series

Enemies lurked and made false accusations out of their spite for the bishop. At times, the government made decisions against his favor for political gain. He was driven out, often alone… but not lonely… so he continued to press forward.


Church history is worth our time to learn, in my opinion. Do you find it to be so, too?

Last year, our family studied about the Reformer, Lady Jane Grey (the Nine Day Queen).

This year, we are learning about Athanasius. Our main resource for our study? It’s this informative, concisely researched and written book by Simonetta Carr. The content is elegantly complimented with impressive illustrations by artist Matt Abraxas.

A wide window is opened for us to learn about the life he chose to lead and the persecution he endured from his childhood into his adulthood.

We are encouraged by Yahweh’s protection over his life during perilous times. Reading about his life reminds us to be praying for our modern day persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Reformation Heritage Books in conjunction with Simonetta Carr are graciously giving away a copy of Athanasius. Enter below for your chance to win this historical book for your family library!

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