Are Christians the Losers in History?

Are Christians the Losers in History?

As I sit back and observe current events in America, I’m wrestling with some questions. Why are some Christians so hands-off with civics? How is it that Christians think voting is duty enough? Or that it’s nothing to bother with at all? Why is America in decline when God’s people are involved with outreach and community activities? Did Christians ever impact the culture? If so, what has derailed us from impacting the culture? Are Christians the losers in history? Is that our “destiny”?

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What Does the Bible Teach Us About Our Role as Christians?

Jesus Christ is King and has dominion over the earth. (1 Peter 5:10-11)

Christians are to make disciples of nations. (Matthew 28:18-20)

We don’t have a clue when Christ will return. Meanwhile, we’re to be active—we’re to be purposeful in being teachers for the nations! (Luke 19:13)

We have purpose!

Onward Christian soldiers! Once we become changed with the internal liberty Christ gives us, let’s change the culture for Christ!

How to Disciple Nations

Scripture teaches us that God sets the boundaries of nations:

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;” Acts 17:26 (KJV)

This is understood in light of nation-making and the purpose God has for each continent and nation.

In John Fisk’s study of nation-making, he observes that the history of all nations can be narrowed down to one of three methods:

  • Oriental Method of Nation-Making
  • Roman Method of Nation-Making
  • Teutonic/English Method of Nation-Making

Each one of these has a cause-to-effect on individual nations. The Teutonic/English Method is how America was formed. And this is a result because of the Bible coming into the hands of individuals. Biblical literacy of governmental principles—given by God—is what gives us the liberties we have in America.

Understand, that it begins with the individual and then the culture and politics change from the base on upward. Thereby we change nations. But only and if only we Christians grow in Christ, share the Gospel, and disciple individuals in these life-principles:

  • Politics
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Religion
  • Social Issues

Again, it’s seen in the development of nations and resulting in America. Of note, our forefathers and Founding Father’s did not sit by for someone else to do it. They were active in the shaping of the character of our nation.

So, what has happened? Why are we removed so far from the founding character of our nation?

We’ve gotten lazy.

We’ve been ignorant.

But now we know what to do. And we’re learning more about our history and its cause-to-effect on the form of nation we have. This gives us the ability to reach others through education.

Onward Christian soldiers—impacting our culture for Christ!

How World-View Impacts Civics

In many churches and Christian circles, world-view is addressed in relation to religious beliefs. Pew studies reveal the current results of what Christians think about some topics. By far, most Christians do not hold to a Biblical Theistic worldview in Politics, Education, Economics, Religion, and Social Issues. Much of this has to do with what you may not know about teaching a Biblical worldview.

But what does it gain us in the end?

What effect is there from this?

How is America’s culture better for knowing what Christians comprehend and believe in those areas of life? Is it for mere individual “enlightenment”?

Honestly, it uncovers the personal reformation and discipleship an individual needs. Which in turn affects the nation in which one lives.

Consider: can laws be morally neutral? As Christians, we know that there is a moral compass and that it comes from God’s Holy Word (Revealed Law). Additionally, we know that mankind on the inside is convicted of right and wrong via one’s conscience (Law of Nature). In fact, these both give mankind a distinction from animals. For we are made in God’s image.

Now perhaps consider the effects of nation-making and religious worldviews.  What do we see reflected in the civics of other cultures? For example, in India there is a caste system in place to this day. The caste system is not a Biblical worldview—it’s not God’s.

His-Story Continues Beyond the Written Pages

So, are Christians the losers in history? Only if we sit by and accept defeat. And only if we choose apathy instead of occupying until Christ returns.

When I consider nation-making and see the cause-to-effect of how America came to be, I long to encourage you that God’s story is still unfolding. And you and I are characters in His story with a role to live.

We know the end because the Bible tells us that Christ is King, He will return, and one day He will hand over the Kingdom to our Heavenly Father. But all those “pages” that God is still authoring in His-Story . . . we’re living them out daily. And we have many wonderful things to see—others coming to Christ, individuals growing in His character, nations being changed for Him—leading up to His return.

These are exciting times!

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