About Heather Hall

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Heather Hall helps busy Christian homeschool parents go from being uncertain, insecure, and overwhelmed in discipling their children for life (through education) to being capable, confident, and equipped to disciple their children.

She and her husband are blessed to raise ten children. They’ve been homeschooling from the start and currently have four homeschool high school graduates—twenty-two years of homeschooling under her belt.

She’s an artist and creative; her degree is in Visual Communications. So, it’s no surprise that creativity is emphasized in her homeschool.

She enjoys serving with her gifts, talents, skills, and experience in teaching to help make complex concepts simple to understand. Furthermore, she loves viewing the world through a Providential lens, Natural Law, Revealed Law, and the Three Wisdoms as Ben Gilmore taught them to her through his mentorship (she is certified in Ben Gilmore’s Principles of American Government course). Additionally, she’s certified in the Principle Approach®(1) Master Teacher Certification Program (which includes curriculum design) through the Foundation for American Christian Education.

Teaching with Bible principles in education is about developing Christian character and equipping the individual to reason from the principles of God’s Word through education for righteous living and every good work (2 Timothy 3:16, 17). This is the historic way of Christian thinking, reasoning, and living. Scripture renews our minds and has a role in our sanctification process as Christians.

Restoring life and learning to the Bible is growing! Join the Biblical Classical Homeschool Experience™ discipleship course and get equipped.

Footnote: (1) The Principle Approach® is a registered trademark of the Foundation for American Christian Education.