A Kingdom #Alternative to Halloween #wordstudywednesday

First, let’s define the word alternative.
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:
alternative, n.
“That which may be chosen or omitted; a choice of two things, so that if one is taken, the other must be left. Thus, when two things offer a choice of one only, the two things are called alternatives. In strictness, then, the word cannot be applied to more than two things, and when one thing only is offered for a choice, it is said there is no alternative.”
Let’s compare and contrast the internal and external qualities of the options before us to see if we have an alternative.

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On the surface, Oct. 31st Block Parties, Church Harvest Parties, Trunk or Treat, and Fall Carnivals look like an alternative for the lost and also for Christian families. 
I would like to offer a thought for consideration… 
Pagans are the lost. How is emulating what the Pagans do… offering them an alternative? And what about Ex-Pagans… those who have converted over to Christianity? What alternative is it to offer them when they just came out of this type of thing?

I would love for you to take a moment and read this article by Penny Renewed. She came out of Paganism and is sharing An Open Halloween Letter from an Ex-Pagan. I think that we need to take into consideration what she shares.

With all of this, I wonder if the Oct. 31st Block Parties, Church Harvest Parties, Trunk or Treat, and Fall Carnivals are truly a Kingdom Alternative to Halloween?

Now let’s compare and contrast the Oct. 31st Block Parties and all that to Reformation Day {which also takes place on Oct. 31st.}

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As I consider the options before the lost and the saved on October 31st, I cannot help but see that an event for Reformation Day is the Kingdom Alternative {if you will} to Halloween.

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ, do you see how offering a night of Reformation can help to show… to teach… the Mighty Works of God? The timing was Providential. Our God is living and breathing and involved in the lives of men and nations! The Bible in English came out of The Reformation {you can read more about that by clicking on this link.}   Is this not truly an opportunity to witness… to give testimony… to the lost? Does it not give room for the Great Commission? And does this not give us the opportunity to truly disciple families?

Reformation Day gives us the opportunity to honor the memory of our brothers and sisters in Christ who gave so much. It helps us to learn the price that was paid for us to have our own Bibles in English. It causes us to treasure our Bibles even more. It makes us more aware of modern day Christian persecution and moves us to be in prayer for these brothers and sisters in Christ. It ought to propel us to be in the Word every.single.day. to gain understanding and wisdom. To learn of the One True God and to cause us to revere Him and love Him more and more. Is this not worthy of our time?

Our own Bibles…
… in the language we speak and read… 
… do we treasure this? 
A word study also involves a Word Study. So, I leave you with this one last thought.
Jeremiah 10:2 instructs us: “Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;”
Gentiles? Wait. Weren’t we talking about Pagans?
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary:
Pagan, n.
A heathen; a Gentile; an idolater; one who worships false gods.  

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