Seven Facts Everyone Should Know About Principles

“It’s a matter of principle!” one might declare. And some will stand faithfully with this individual, while others may look down their noses upon him or her. Or wave them off as ignorant. But what do we mean when we talk about principles? Additionally, what is the big deal about them? While there are plenty of talking points about them, below are seven facts everyone should know about principles.


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1. Principles Defined

The beloved Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines principle as: “In a general sense, the cause, source or origin of any thing; that from which a thing proceeds.” For instance, America’s origin proceeds from Biblical principles.

Another definition is: “Ground; foundation; that which supports an assertion, an action, or a series of actions or of reasoning.” Therefore, one may reason from principles.

Additionally, it’s defined as: “A general truth; a law comprehending many subordinate truths; as the principles of morality, of law, of government, etc.” In this instance, we see a connection of principles to government.

2. They’re Governing

Samuel Adams knew that in order for the colonies to withstand tyranny, they’d have to unite on principles. Specifically, they’d have to unite on Constitutional principles. Furthermore, they’d need to also unite in purpose. Truly, it’s the same for the states today.

In case you’re unaware, there are seven founding principles upon which America is founded. And over time, they’ve been forgotten by far and large. That said, it’s up to us to learn them and to become watchmen for anything counter to them. If we don’t, our Federal Constitutional Representative Republic will continue to erode and morph into an unrecognizable form of gov’t to us.

To summarize, the Framers took a Biblical principled approach to founding our nation.

3. They’re More Than Short and to the Point

Recently, an individual was expressing that principles are short and to the point. In this way, they think, they’re perfect for when writing letters to our legislators. However, this a narrow understanding of them. Deeper than this, they guide us into reasoning if legislation is in line with America’s form of gov’t and her founding principles. And this is a critical point for all citizens to learn. Especially those serving in our legislative branch. For in American History, we’ve been given 7 founding principles to guide us in keeping our Republic.

4. Principles Supersede Issues

Have you ever taken the time to view your legislators’ live debate on legislation? In case you don’t know, your state livestreams the sessions on bills up for a vote.

While recently watching a live session over a controversial bill, I was struck by what a waste of time legislators take going back and forth on issues. For issues are arguable. An individual is convinced of this opinion while the other individual is convinced of that opinion. However, principles aren’t arguable.

If our legislators genuinely care about our Constitution, it’d do them well to learn our founding principles and their counter principles. To say nothing of the fact that this is true of individual citizens in general. And this is because we’d all be able to say, “These are our seven principles. Now let’s ask if any of these seven are violated by this proposed legislation. If yes, we start from scratch or toss it. If no, we can press forward with making it a law.” Representatives and citizens could reason together for the sake of keeping our Constitutional Republic. Oh how much trouble America would be spared!

5. Everyone Has Principles

Someone had shared that a thought floats around among some individuals: “But the other side doesn’t live by principles. So, it’s futile to speak to principles. Instead, we need to appeal to the legislators’ emotions.”

Well, everyone lives by principles. It’s just that some are in line with the Bible and others counter It. And some choose to be in line with America’s founding principles. While others choose to be in line with counter principles to America’s form of gov’t.

But at the root of every.single.issue. is at least one principle. And once we can identify what that principle is, then we can reason logically about it. Again, this is with the idea that it’s done so in favor of restoring and keeping our Republic.

6. Principles Are Foundational

Remember this definition of principle from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: “Ground; foundation; that which supports an assertion, an action, or a series of actions or of reasoning.”

Psalm 11:3 gives us a Biblical principle about foundations: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (KJV)

Bad legislation is like a chisel. Slowly, as each bad bill is passed into law, our foundations are being chiseled away. And oh how deceptive and enticing some of these bills can be.

  • “Eduction” or sports through the gov’t school at no cost to me? I’m on board!
  • Free gov’t money for my homeschool if I sign up with a charter school? Sign me up today!
  • Food for free? Fill up my shopping basket!
  • Free lunch program at the park during summer through the gov’t school system? Let’s go picnic!

And on and on the socialist program list grows. Sadly, some mistakenly stand for many socialist programs. Why? Perhaps it’s because the body of Christ has relinquished her role to care for others. And in doing so, the gov’t has taken on this role via the votes of people. Or by tacit consent. Maybe through their Representatives who adhere to socialism.

Hear that chisel chipping away at our foundations? It’s getting louder over time. Unaware, many people are trading liberty for a false sense of security. Indeed this is tragic!

7. Principles Will Restore Our Republic

True, some of our foundation has been destroyed. But not all of it. So, what can the righteous do? Certainly, we can start rebuilding.

It won’t happen overnight, mind you. After all, socialist programs have been slipped in over time. But it can be done. And it begins with our own education. Then we need to educate anyone who will listen and do: our children, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our churches, and our legislators.

Especially, as Christians who are American, we need to teach them in our Christian homeschools with America’s form of education. Specifically, our form of education is a Biblical-Classical Education. You can find out how we got a Biblical-Classical Education here.

And we’ll have to begin with lessening the overreaching control of the Federal Gov’t and returning power at the local level to the states. For each state is a sovereign little kingdom of its own. And then we continue to narrow it down to even more local levels such as counties and cities and communities.

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    1. Thank you, Ben! I’m thankful for my mentors (of which you are one of them). 🙂

  1. Heather, you have hit upon a critical point that must be spread throughout our land. Without the ability to analyze our current culture, political and economic condition by and through the biblical principles of liberty, and then to compose workable solutions to these conditions sourced and based upon these principles of liberty, we will have Christians who will not be able to influence the culture around them and the seeds they sow will not be biblical seeds that flower into liberty for the individual to the nation. Thank you for your continued efforts in this area!

    1. Thank you for the affirmation and for your encouraging words, Paul. It’s appreciated!