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4 Reasons Why Being a Work at Home Mom is Worth It

4 Reasons Why Being a Work at Home Mom is Worth It

If you give a homeschooling mom a different path than she thought she’d have, she’ll experience and be a witness to God doing amazing things. She just needs to trust Him.

By all means, many married Christian couples start out with the intent of having mama remain at home with their babes. To be sure, once our first born was in my arms, going back to work was out of the question. After I finally was able to meet our little one, it was too difficult for me to part from him. As you might suspect, it’s like this for me with each child that we’ve had along the way. And through it all I count it a blessing to be with our children day by day.

Of course, we have our fair share of trials and life plot twists. Things in life happen. But our Heavenly Father is sovereign. And I continually learn that He uses events in our lives to direct us to where He wants us to go. There are always lessons to learn and opportunity to change and grow as God leads us. Because of His faithfulness to always care for us, our faith grows in Him.

Presently, working from home is now another provision of our Heavenly Father. With constant life and economic changes, it’s this or work elsewhere. To say nothing of goals we have set. Can you relate? Provided that you’re in the same boat, here are four reasons for why being a work at home mom is worth it.

Christian Education, Classical Biblical Education, Christian Homeschool, Charlotte Mason, Graphic Organizers, Tools for Comprehension,Principle Approach, Principled Academy, Bible Principles, Homeschool Mom, Work at Home Mom,

1. God’s Economy Works

Truly, God gives us all that we need for our welfare. Whether working outside of or inside our homes, His economy works. Certainly, with the advent of technology there are many options for mothers to be able to work from home. Since we each have something to offer, we can create work for ourselves and utilize Gods’ economy. The following ideas are inspired by A Guide to American Christian Education ©1987 by James B. Rose, p. 400-401:

  • Gifts, talents, interests. Being that He has given all of us gifts, talents, and interests to steward, we each have at least on starting point.
  • Natural resources. There are countless things we can do with what He has blessed us with in His Creation. Consider all that many are doing with essential oils. Or handmade items for better sustainable living. And ways to help educate others about healthy eating and living.
  • Energy and strength. What a blessing that God gives us the energy and strengths that we need. In part, the ability for us to come up with ideas is a motivation for using our energy and strength to help improve lives.
  • God’s Providence. Truly, I believe in God’s Providential Hand. I believe that in His timing He blesses us how and when He sees fit. In view of this, we have our part to contribute. Our Heavenly Father is consistently inviting us to live life with Him. When we answer His call, His providence is increasingly evident to us.

2. Being a Proverbs 31 Woman is Being a Helpmeet

Many mamas are already very much like the Proverbs 31 women. In reality, many mothers act with strength for their family like she did for hers. And working from home allows us to do this with more ease than if we worked outside of our homes.

  • Every day tasks. Whether to see to the bulk of responsibilities ourselves or to train and delegate more responsibility to our children, we need to accomplish these things somehow. Needless to say, it’s easier when we’re overseeing tasks while at home.
  • Clothing. We help to keep our families clothed. While we do make purchases, save gently used clothing or even swap clothing with friends at times, we’re doing it. Of course, keeping up with and overseeing the laundry ensures that our families are clothed, too.
  • Building up. In addition, we aim to build our families up with wisdom, kindness and love. It’s easier to do this when we’re home.
  • Management. Notably, managing our homes and raising our children is worth it. For many of us, this entails homeschooling our children. Which is an answer to prayer, a delight, and a responsibility many of us desire to keep.

3. Being Present Matters

And by this I don’t mean “be a presence.” Rather, I mean being present and interacting with our children. Sooner or later they’ll be grown and gone. Mothers and children need each other in this season in so many ways. Dear mothers, hold on to it while you can.

  • Scheduling. Usually, work at home moms can schedule around homeschooling hours, family time and nap times. This is not to say that scheduling challenges may not surface. Because they most certainly do. But just the same, there’s flexibility so that mama can be available to her children.
  • Slow down. From time to time mamas may need to carry heavier work loads than at other times. Whenever possible, she needs to balance those hours and give priority to her family. Also, she needs to prevent her mind from wandering to work when her focus is to engage with her children.

4. Flexibility to Serve by Pursuing Gifts, Talents and Interests

To begin with, our Heavenly Father has blessed all of us with variety in our gifts, talents, and interests. And each one of us have different skills to bring to the table. Without a doubt, mothers can serve their families with these. However, mothers aren’t limited to the bounds of serving within their families.

  • Purpose. As Christians, we believe that our Heavenly Father has blessed us by meeting our needs. Furthermore, He has given us creativity and abilities to be productive and to use with purpose.
  • Trusting in God. Our strength is renewed by our trust in Him. Thereby, we’re urged forward to steward our gifts, talents, and interests for the benefits of freedom and serving others. And most importantly, to bring Him glory.
  • Seeking to think like Christ. Our Lord and Savior is a servant leader. Seeking to think like Christ, we become inspired with ideas. When we look for ways to serve and help improve something, we create work for ourselves. This helps us to earn the wages we are worth. In fact, the idea that a worker deserves his or her wages is a Biblical principle that we find in 1 Timothy 5:18.  And families hopefully are able to meet expenses, give, and save.

It’s All Okay

As wives, part of our role is to be a help meet to our husbands. Let’s face it, the cost of living increases and many families face challenging choices and struggles. For many families, it has nothing to do with the mother placing a career over her family. On the contrary, it has to do with lovingly coming along side her husband in a supportive role for the benefit of their family. And working from home still allows her to be easily accessible to her children during work hours as needed.

We mamas are all in different stages. Even if you work from home because you want to, it’s fine. Some of us have our last child at home with us for another year or two. Then that child graduates. Suddenly, a mother’s role shifts as a parent. She may find herself at a loss for what to do. Or maybe she’s a mama who is needing to help with the finances (and there isn’t any shame in that).

In any case, I encourage you to seek the Lord about how to steward over your gifts, talents, interests. Talk with your husband and pray about it together. Dear mama, you have so much to offer your family through your work- paid or unpaid. And maybe at this time, God wants to invite you to do amazing things because of Him and for His glory.

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