3D Nylon Sculptures: Friday Art Frenzy!

You know, I can’t think of the last time I posted a Friday Art Frenzy post. But it feels as though it has been eons! Pretty soon I’ll be setting up Linky for these posts. It has been a long time since I have given Art Linkies a try. I hope you all will be joining PrincipledAcademy.com with your art posts. They don’t have to be super grand and spectacular… although my opinion is that what kids come up with is grand and spectacular!

In case you are unfamiliar with the art lessons in our homeschool co-op, I select projects which all ages can actively participate. The parents are helping hands so I can focus on the lesson. I love the families we have and have had in our group. We are blessed to have them as friends and they are wonderful people. Regardless of the individual skill abilities and backgrounds in art, the children all participate and create amazing works of art! I teach overarching Bible Principles which the whole group benefits from learning. I really love how the Lord has opened up this door for me. I love learning more about Him and the unique way He inspires me through his creation to understand how the concepts of art and various styles of art point back to Him… the Original Artist! My prayer is that He will be glorified through art!

This project was SO much fun and all of the kids’ art turned out great!! They are so creative and come up with things that are extremely outside the box!
Cool Daddy is my faithful sidekick for co-op! He cut boards into squares and pre-drilled holes for me so that our co-op friends could plug both ends of the wire after shaping them. Every mother running a co-op ought to have a faithful sidekick… (but my biased opinion is that no one will ever compare to Cool Daddy. Just sayin’!). 🙂

Nylon Sculpture Bible Principle Content:


I love sharing the lessons I create and I’d love for you to share them with others on the premise that you give credit to PrincipledAcademy.com. In addition, if you blog about the Bible Principle content, please do link back to PrincipledAcademy.com. Thank you so much for walking in integrity! 
Leading Idea: The concept of using a frame for 3D art/Sculpting comes from God!

Bible Principle: Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”
Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: 
FORM’ED, participle passive Made; shaped; molded; planned; arranged; combined; enacted; constituted. 
Reason and Relate:
It takes planning to decide the dimensional outcome and arrangement of what an artist wants to create. Forming includes combining concepts, materials, textures, and colors to make up the piece. In addition, once the concept is formed, the artist then enacts upon the design to create the masterpiece.
Consider man being formed.  

Steps 1 & 2 for Nylon Sculpting:

So Cool Daddy went on down to the Recycle Store for Habitat for Humanity and found some thick, bendable, coated wire that would do. The kids bend and twist and shape the wire according to their individual imaginations. Once they have it juuuuust right, they push the wire ends into the pre-drilled holes in the wooden base.

Steps 3 for Nylon Sculpting: 


We found knee-high nylons galore at the $ Store. Wahooo! That made our day! The kids stretch the nylons tightly over the wire frame and block base…

Steps 4 for Nylon Sculpting: 


Secure the nylon by tying the open end in a knot. The knot will have to be off to one side. If it’s at the bottom, the wooden base will not sit flat. However, if the artist envisions a lopsided piece, it is totally up to their discretion. If there is extra nylon hanging out beyond the knot, feel free to snip the end of it.

Steps 5 for Nylon Sculpting: 


A thin coat of Gesso needs to be applied. This helps to make the nylon more solid so the paint will stay put and not just soak through the holes in the fabric. The Gesso can be mostly dry vs. completely dry… but I think the results are best when it has the chance to completely dry before applying the paint.

Steps 6 for Nylon Sculpting: 


Lastly, break out all of the acrylic paint you can find and let them paint to their hearts’ content! 
Here are just some of the masterpieces from this art lesson. Aren’t they so interesting? God’s Principle of Individuality just shows in each piece! How amazing it is that the God of the Bible can think of limitless creations and combinations…and how easily He incorporates unifying elements in His design! I marvel at Him!
I cannot express well enough how wonderful it is to have these families come together with the desire to learn and create art which glorifies the Lord! It is a blessing and a fulfilling life experience.
I hope ya’ll have fun with this lesson and give it a try! If you do, won’t you please leave a comment in this post and share with us all how it went? 
Blessings to You!

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