Homeschooling with the Principle Approach Method

The ABCs of Homeschooling with the Principle Approach® Method

When first starting to homeschool, I knew in the very depths of my heart Christ was to be the focal point of it. Alongside our children, I’d explain from the Bible why something was or wasn’t acceptable. And we’d talk about it. But there were still some key things that I didn’t yet know how to teach. That is, until I learned about the Principle Approach® method of education. Because of its beauty, I’m sharing with you about the ABC’s of homeschooling with the Principle Approach® method.

What is the Principle Approach® Method?

In short, it’s America’s historical method of keeping the Bible at the heart of education. Truly, there are Bible principles in every single subject. In the background of education, it’s how our Founding Fathers learned. In the foreground of education, it’s what we need to help keep our Republic and reach the world for Christ.

Parents who love their children and care about their future will want to…

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