10 Things About Individuality You Need To Know

10 Things About Individuality You Need To Know

Ah individuality… it seems to be getting drowned out in our society, doesn’t it? But you know something—it’s one of America’s real super heroes. In fact, it’s one of seven that we’ll be discussing in this series.

If we want to remain a free people, we need to be counter-cultural by embracing and teaching God’s Principle of Individuality. For: “Everything in God’s universe is revelational of God’s infinity, God’s diversity, God’s individuality. God creates distinct individualities, God maintains the identity and individuality of everything which He created.” –Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History, ©1965 by Rosalie J. Slater, p. 65.

In order to help you get an idea of what this even has to do with anything, here are 10 things about individuality you need to know.



To begin with, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with the identity of our super hero, Individuality. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines it as: “Separate or distinct existence; a state of oneness.” Key words related to Individuality are: indivisibility, wholeness, integrity, completeness, unique. With this understanding, we can move forward regarding the 10 Things About Individuality You Need To Know.

Of note, collective isn’t within the definition. (Yes, I’m dropping a gigantic hint here.)

1. It’s America’s First Principle

In this case, God’s Principle of Individuality is broken down into four categories:

  1. Christian Individuality,
  2. Geographic Individuals,
  3. Individual Links of the Christian History Timeline,
  4. America as an Individual Nation

2. It Applies to People

Particularly, this is internal. Because individuals have their own thoughts, emotions, and personal relationship with God. But it’s also seen externally. Just think about eye colors, flecks in the eyes, hair color and texture, smiles, expressions, mannerisms, etc. that make each individual different. Why even identical twins aren’t one hundred percent identical; finger prints are unique to individuals. Really, the list can go on for quite some length.

3. It Applies to Things That Are Seen

Sadly, this escapes many of us. If we keep our eyes open, we’ll see the wonder of individuality throughout Creation. And a whole world of wonder engages us. No two snowflakes are exactly alike. And there are peculiarities among each animal. Plus, there are endless, unique qualities to each flower. Again, the list can be expanded to quite an extent. But what an excellent list to also make with your students!

4. It Applies to Things That Are Unseen

In the same way, even audible musical notes have individuality. And the vast compositions of notes create music to the ears that is unlike anything else. Granted, not all music is delightful to hear. Eh-hem. But in its own way, it’s unlike anything else. More than this, music is heard in creation among the birds, frogs, crickets, and other creatures. Therefore, it’s not all in relation to compositions that man comes up with. In fact, poetry in creation ties to music.

5. It Applies to Weather

Needless to say, the individuality of snowflakes has already been mentioned. However, raindrops are unique in their splashes, sizes, and make-up. Additionally, the speed of the wind and factors affecting wind speed can be unique. Consequently, we’re encircled by an ever-changing landscape.

6. It Applies to Nations

Not only does each continent have individuality, so do nations. For instance, when America separated from England, she declared her individuality. And she did this via her form of government and principles. In fact, the internal liberty that Christianity brings in and through Christ gives us the external freedom we enjoy. Of course, this isn’t limited to America. For God’s principles are for all people and nations.

7. It’s Seen Historically

If we are careful to take time to study nation-making and America, then we’ll see God’s Principle of Individuality in these areas:

  • The cause-to-effect of nation-making and the impact on people,
  • How God used and uses Key Individuals in His-Story,
  • We see His-Story marching westward with the spread of the Gospel individually in continents and people,
  • How the internal effects the external in both individual liberty and civil liberty

8. It’s Seen Mechanically

Nationally speaking, individuality functions in nations. Firstly, it reflects a nation’s form of gov’t. Especially, this is the case when it comes to the external expression of individuality within the civil sphere.

Secondly, in terms of individual people, internal liberty is reliant upon their relationship with Jesus Christ. As my mentor Ben Gilmore faithfully teaches: on the cross we have two lines. To start with this illustration, the horizontal represents civil government. And the vertical line represents one’s personal relationship with Christ. And we must always remember, that the horizontal >>> (civil government) is determined by the vertical >>> (our relationship with Christ as individuals and the church).

Certainly, individuality functions best when a people follows and trusts God’s form of government over that of man’s idea of government.

9. It’s Seen Biblically

The Bible shows us God’s Principle of Individuality. In civil government, He gives instructions to the Hebrew Republic (Deuteronomy 1:13). Additionally, God has a relationship with individuals. And He Father’s us individually as He sees fit. But He also Fathers us as a nation as He sees fit. For example, are His children clinging to Him and His form of government? Or are they straying and putting their trust in man’s various forms? In either case, people are given the form of government they deserve. Truly, it’s a hard truth to accept. However, if people don’t choose self-government, we get the form of gov’t we deserve.

10. Its Nemesis

Oh yes, as with any super hero, God’s Principle of Individuality has a nemesis. With this in mind, it’s name is Collectivism. And we see its ugly self surface just about everywhere. Ultimately, its marker is a big enticing net to capture individuals into one big clump. A massive clump where all are treated like fish in net—forcefully mashed together into one collective school of thought and actions.

In Conclusion

To conclude, we see individuality in both Law of Nature and Revealed Law (in Scripture). Undeniably, individuality is a super hero because everything in God’s universe reveals:

  • God’s infinity,
  • God’s diversity,
  • God’s individuality

With this in mind, we see the importance of Individuality in all things. Consider this verse regarding individuality: “Yet even lifeless things, either flute or harp, in producing a sound, if they do not produce a distinction in the tones, how will it be known what is played on the flute or on the harp?” 1 Corinthians 14:7 (NASB)

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