Plan It Out Right Homeschool Planner 2017-2018


Find freedom with the Plan It Out Right Homeschool Planner (teacher’s edition)! Tailor it to you and your kids so you can plan it out right for you!

What You Get and How It Differs From Other Planners:
*Laminated covers.

*Keep your educational focus and philosophy of Christian Education in front of you!

*Encourage yourself with reminders of personal verses, ways you stay encouraged, strengths you bring to your homeschool/family, areas of personal growth, resources and opportunities to pray about.

*Fill out the customizable Productivity Map to help you prioritize and be the most productive you can be according to your energy levels.

*Keep track of the curriculum you use and specific prayer requests for each child.

*Keep track of character goals, Bible principles, and acedmic goals for each child. Also, keep track of the self-government tickets you give them each quarter.

*Monthly Calendar.

*Doodle Notes and Mind Mapping sheets (especially helpful for highly visual people and creative types!).

*Keep track of training your children with blessing others in secret!

*Weekly Action plans for major projects, goals to complete projects, schedule of events/activities at a glance, and emergent tasks. These sheets correspond with your personal Productivity Map to help you make the best use of your time!

Record Keeping includes:

*Attendance Record

*Reading Log (reading out loud, quiet reading, book club reads)

*Field Trip Tracker (related subjects, leading ideas/themes, activities/projects, books, field trip info.)

*Monthly Progress report for your spiritual growth (corresponds with list of “Areas for Personal Growth” in the beginning of the planner)

*Monthly Progress reports for children (academic, social and emothional development, work habits, living out their faith, other)

*Monthly Budget Sheet (includes area to jot down ways to help bring in money when needed).

*Curriculum Needs sheet and Curriculum Budget Sheet.

*Lending and Loaning Record (of books and other materials).

*Our Year in Review!



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