January 16, 2017

Our Journey

The bowl of candy sat on the desk, hugged by little papers blanketed in a brief history of the cause to effect of the Protestant Reformation. Two tall LED candles, on either side of the bowl, lit up the cross overlooking the bowl. Bibles were stacked to the right with little notes: “Free Bibles, Please take one. Happy Reformation Day!” A sign hung up behind and above the cross with the same brief history ofRead More
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I grew up in a Christian home. My parents would sit with us and read through God’s word and answer questions that we’d have. It wasn’t until I started to homeschool our own children though that I learned about our Christian History and what it cost for my family and many others around the world to have copies of God’s Word in their own hands. Whether or not you are aware of the cost, doRead More
Attribution required: Photo by Greg Hume CC-BY-2.5.
“With his divine alchemy, he [God] turns not only water into wine, but common things into radiant mysteries…” -George MacDonald I love this expression by George MacDonald! Our Heavenly Father turns common things into radiant mysteries. When you look at Yahweh’s handiwork in creation, do you still have that wonder and awe? You know, the kind that we witness with our children when they are so very new to the world? It’s the wide-eyed surpriseRead More
The cool, crisp air coupled with foggy mornings illuminated by the sunrise are here. How lovely to be greeted by the vibrant and jewel-tone garments of autumn when stepping outside. Hot tea and oatmeal or warm apple cobbler with omelettes, among other favorite breakfasts, awaken our family in the morning. Snug pajamas are often times the wardrobe of choice for our literature studies and discussions (be it in the mornings or evenings). Our literature studiesRead More
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Something exciting for us has happened on our journey! We received a highly unexpected letter in the mail. Our two-year-old daughter was congratulated on being selected to receive an award in a Visual Arts Competition. She has had the privilege of attending an award presentation on the opening night. This honor has us bubbling over with joy inside for her. All of us are deeply embracing God’s Principle of Individuality and how it’s seen evenRead More
How are your lesson plans coming along for the school year? We’ve been following Molly and seeing how she has been productive with pulling together her Principle Approach® lessons. Recently, there was one little snag holding her back… how is she supposed to write Reason and Relate questions? What are these supposed to look like? Now Molly knows, and you too can see how easily you can write Reason and Relate questions for your lessons.Read More
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With the excitement of the new school year around the corner, Molly is ready to have the best Bible Principles school year ever. Do you remember Molly? Well, she is ready to sit down and work on pulling together lessons for her family. How about you? If you do have the time and are ready to leap into preparing lessons, find out the simple framework that Molly is using to help her be ready. (Psst,Read More
Somewhere along the line, regular poetry readings slipped away in our family. Recently, I felt the desire arise within to make time for this. Does poetry have a special place in your education and that of your children’s? Are you aware that a large percentage of the Bible is written in poetic form? It seems that there is something special about it that Yahweh has purposed. Won’t you explore the possibilities with me and whatRead More
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My journey with the Noah Plan® curriculum has had it’s ups and downs. It took me a while to catch on to the method that it uses, to sort through how the curriculum guides and the K-3rd curriculum books work together and separately, and how the red books tie in to it all. Once that was all figured out, there was the element of time that I wrestled with. We’re talking about a series ofRead More
Homeschooling has the potential to be very expensive depending on one’s personal financial situation. Many people desire a Christian curriculum that is top notch, can be used from K-12, and that keeps Christ (Messiah Yeshua) at the center of it, but that doesn’t cost their life’s savings. Here are the 7 Reasons Why the Noah Plan® Curriculum Guides Save You Money and Peace of Mind in the Long Run   The curriculum guides for Literature,Read More
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Several years into my Principle Approach® journey, I continue to be blessed with little ones. I admit that the challenge is real. I’ll have our books out for any given subject and my baby will want to nurse, or my toddler will need attention, or diapers need changing, a young child will suddenly find a reason to grab my attention, or any number of emergent tasks young-people-related may arise. So, how do I manage toRead More
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When I first started receiving my Noah Plan® curriculum books and Noah Plan® Curriculum Guides and “red books,” I was so excited! While I was swimming in an ocean of books, waves would come. I was overwhelmed, I was sort of confused on some things, and I felt a bit tearfully defeated. Eventually, I braved up to make the call, and I was encouraged by talking with a gal at The Foundation for American Christian Education. TheRead More
There was a comment from a reader, Levi, in regards to my March blog post, What No One Tells You About Classical Education. In the comment, I’m challenged to consider seeing a Greek Classical Education in a different light than I do the Principle Approach® method of education. I needed to take time to consider the points made and to research before replying. If you’d like to read the full comment from this reader, visitRead More
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Today, we are going to find out the recipe for using the Principle Approach® in your homeschool. In the beginning years of my journey to grasp the Principle Approach® method of teaching and learning, it had been described to me with a school bus analogy. Well, I can’t relate to that very well… we don’t do school buses here, dontchya know. I can liken it much better to a cake. A chocolate cake. So, forRead More
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As a part of our personal growth in our faith journey, we’ve come to understand about how the principle of Sabbath rest points to Yeshua. Oh how beautiful it is! Scripture tells us that Yeshua said: “And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:”  Matthew 2:27 This statement is known as the “Great Sabbath Controversy.” What Yeshua was saying is that man wasn’t made to see howRead More
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Teaching Bible Principles in your homeschool has never been easier! Let us help you keep the Bible at the heart of education while allowing you to keep your family together during lessons. Or, if you choose to, work one-on-one with your children. We believe the whole Bible is the inspired written word of Yahweh. As such, your children will have a balance of learning about Jesus (Yeshua) as the only begotten Son of God and God’sRead More

What I Did When I Began Feeling Stuck

Posted by Heather on May 18, 2017
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At first, excitement and joy overtook me. I knew in my core that this was the path that Yahweh was leading us on in our homeschooling journey. My friend from church had introduced me to the Principle Approach® method and the Noah Plan® Curriculum that implemented that method. With my young ones beside me, I listened after the service to every word she said. I didn’t fully comprehend all she was explaining, but the ideaRead More
It’s that time of year when many of us are beginning to wrap up the school year while simultaneously looking ahead to plan for the next school year. It can feel crazy to me… kind of like glazing over the summer months that we look so forward to… but it’s so essential for our family that we have a foundation and a frame. Once I begin constructing the foundation and framework for our Principled Academy,Read More
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When I first started learning and teaching with the Principle Approach® method, my main source of lessons was the Noah Plan® curriculum. Since the lesson content using the method was already put together, I didn’t bother much with taking notes for myself. This was well and good in the beginning of my journey because I was in the baby step stages of figuring out this method and absorbing as much as I could. As IRead More
Do you remember reading about Molly and how she struggled during the school year? What happened next with Molly after she developed a vision for her homeschool? Molly felt positive and a sense of accomplishment after going through simple steps to create a vision for her homeschool. However, she discovered that she still needed to shape her thinking about the future of her homeschool. Feeling that she was now on a solid path to helpRead More

Beatrix Potter Day!

Posted by Heather on April 7, 2017
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In the Noah Plan® Kindergarten curriculum, we learn about Beatrix Potter in our literature studies. I love Peter Rabbit and Friends so this is always special for me to go through with our young children. Each time we go through this study and have our special literature day for it, we change it up a bit. One year we made a scrapbook page about Beatrix Potter and included little cut out illustrations in the publicRead More
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It’s Membership Monday! Have you been enjoying our free Principle Approach® video lessons? Remember that Principled Academy’s Caterpillar Club Members have full access to lessons with printable lesson content and 4R (Research, Reason, Relate, and Record) notebook pages. What is the foundation of language? How is language a tool for obtaining liberty? What is the basic principle? Research Do a word study Find out the Leading Idea Find out the Bible Principle Reason and RelateRead More
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The Noah Plan- Kindergarten Essentials

Posted by Heather on April 2, 2017
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When considering what to purchase for our Kindergarten school year using The Noah Plan Curriculum, I wished that I had known in advance what essential books I needed. It wasn’t, however, until our curriculum arrived and I glanced through the lessons that I realized more books were needed than what I ordered from The Foundation for American Christian Education! **This post does contain an affiliate link.*** In the back of The Noah Plan Curriculum (p.Read More
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Welcome back to my series of The Noah Plan Essentials. You may read my first post for The Noah Plan Kindergarten curriculum here. In addition to the essentials for Kindergarten found at my previous post, here is a list of other items which I found benefited our family in our first year using the Kindergarten curriculum: Free printable coloring pages for the period of history or maps that we were studying. A quick on-line searchRead More
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It started to feel like chaos. Molly sat down and questioned what had changed and why things weren’t going as smoothly as she had hoped. She had decided which books and curriculum that they’d use. She even used a planner to help her lay it all out before her eyes. But somehow, somewhere during the school year, things became a bit derailed. By the middle of the school year, their homeschool was shaping to beRead More
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It can be easy to give in to. Especially if you’re feeling tired, rushed, uninspired, or plain unorganized. Workbooks. Even as a Principle Approach® mom, I’ve done it. And each time I handed a worksheet to one of my children, I cringed inside. That prepared worksheet was adding very little to our child’s learning. At least in the direction I know that I desire for our children. On the surface, they may not seem muchRead More
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What do you do when the topic of classical education comes up among homeschooling families in conversation? I usually struggle with how to explain the difference between “this curriculum over here or that homeschool program over there” that use the Trivium in contrast to the Principle Approach® method. My list to share tends to be: My children develop a love of learning, We read classic literature, We study Scripture It’s the Hebraic way of learning… aRead More

Epic Formula to Raising Bible Scholars

Posted by Heather on February 23, 2017
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  Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines epic as, “…a poem… in an elevated style, some single action or series of actions and events, usually the achievements of some distinguished hero, and intended to form the morals and affect the mind with the love of virtue.” Would you consider yourself to be a hero? Most of us wouldn’t consider ourselves to be so. But… let’s take a look at Webster’s 1828 Dictionary definition of hero, “2. A great, illustriousRead More

Types of Readers

Posted by Heather on February 10, 2017
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Recently, I learned that there are three types of readers. Depending on which type you are will result in whether or not you successfully maneuver the red books, Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History and Christian History of the Constitution. Let me share with you: If a book is 100 pages or less, 60% of readers finish it. If a book is 200 pages or so, 20% of readers finish it. If a book isRead More
Greetings! It’s the first Monday of the month and that means it’s Membership Monday! We have our first free lesson available for you: Mathematics, God, and History What is the significance of mathematics in History? What is the basic principle? Research Do a word study Find out the Leading Idea Find out the Bible Principle Reason and Relate What does Scripture say? Consider the events on the timeline of His Story Is mathematics a “created”Read More
  Hi there, Heather here with our new look and exciting announcement. We’re ready to take Principled Academy to all new heights and we need your help to cultivate our learning environment to meet the needs of families who want to teach and learn with Bible Principles. As a Beta Member You Benefit in the Following Ways: Have exclusive access to content, printable notebook pages, videos, and lessons that are in the works, Have the abilityRead More

On Western Thinking…

Posted by Heather on February 4, 2014
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What does this have anything to do with the life of a Christian and education? What is western thinking any way? *West* indicates direction. West of where?… Asia!   To me, this is fascinating stuff! It helps explain ancient history and also many things about the Christian faith today (i.e. church history). Asia is the Continent of Origins… Have you considered that Asia is the Continent of Origins? I’m not in on the secret originalRead More
Can you believe we only have one day left of this great series being hosted by the TOS Review Crew?! This week has flown by! If you’d like to catch up on my posts, click here for day 1 words, click here for day 2 curiosity, and click here for day 3 TLC Packets. Today’s essential for our personal homeschool is learning how to see God’s (Yahweh’s) Providential Hand. I hope you enjoy seeing whatRead More
Welcome to day two of Homeschooling Essentials for our personal homeschool! If you missed day 1, you can read it by clicking here. Today, we are exploring the idea of curiosity in our homeschool. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines curiosity, n. as: 1. A strong desire to see something novel, or to discover something unknown, either by research or inquiry; a desire to gratify the senses with a sight of what is new or unusual, orRead More
I’m doing a mini-series this week on essentials for our homeschool. I hope you enjoy day 1 of this series. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to some of these! Encouraging Words Photo courtesy of Public Domain I find that at various times my children may feel discouraged. Maybe it’s that math problem that can ruin the day. Perhaps reading fluency isn’t happening as quickly as it did for a sibling- comparisons can damper aRead More
You know, I can’t think of the last time I posted a Friday Art Frenzy post. But it feels as though it has been eons! Pretty soon I’ll be setting up Linky for these posts. It has been a long time since I have given Art Linkies a try. I hope you all will be joining PrincipledAcademy.com with your art posts. They don’t have to be super grand and spectacular… although my opinion is thatRead More

Word Study Wednesday Star #wordstudywednesday

Posted by Heather on December 18, 2013
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Stars. My friend Gina over at A Cherished Keeper did a lovely post about The Poetry of Astronomy. The poetry of astronomy. This is a lovely thought! I have wondered at and tied astronomy {all of creation really} and visual art together, but had not wondered at it poetically. It makes so much sense though as God spoke the world into existence.  Cool Daddy and I just watched a fascinating study on the Star ofRead More
Are you homeschooling with all that you can muster within you? Except that maybe you either can’t afford or manage the time for the extra art classes, the gymnastics, the fun drama classes, the ballet lessons, the volleyball teams, the football teams, the basketball teams, the piano/violin lessons, the debate club… and oh how that list can grow. Especially if you have multiple children!  Do you feel as though you are failing at providing yourRead More
I cannot help but think of the Lord when I see snow. What a gift it is to us! What reminders it serves us! The past several days we have had a beautiful white, glittery carpet right outside our front door. It can cause people to be discontent with the inconvenience wintery weather brings. On the contrary, it may cause us to be calm and silent… like a blanketed landscape of sparkly white stillness… so thatRead More
In my last post about the Feast of Dedication, I mentioned that we didn’t yet have our own menorah. Cool Daddy learned of where we could purchase one, and so he did… right in the middle of this celebration. We were all delighted to have one to light before the 8 days ended!! As I share about our family’s journey with Biblical Feasts, please do not be offended by what we learn, ponder and share.Read More