See How Easily You Can Write Reason and Relate Questions

How are your lesson plans coming along for the school year? We’ve been following Molly and seeing how she has been productive with pulling together her Principle Approach® lessons. Recently, there was one little snag holding her back… how is she supposed to write Reason and Relate questions? What are these supposed to look like? Now Molly knows, and you too can see how easily you can write Reason and Relate questions for your lessons.

See How Easily You Can Write Reason and Relate Questions

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It’s a natural progression in communication from the youngest child to the oldest that you have in your homeschool. It goes without saying, that based on God’s Principle of Individuality, each child’s comprehension levels vary from one another. This is why it’s beautiful that you get to teach and dialogue with your children as you discuss from Scripture the Reason and Relate questions (you know your children best). That being said, the following is an easy framework to help you with your own questions as you study, and then you are able to break it down to a level your child may understand.

Ask the “Who”…

Who is behind this action or attitude?…

Who did…?

Who is…?


Ask the “What”…

What was the result of said actions or attitude?

What is…?

What is the main idea of…?

What facts or ideas show…?

What examples can you find to…?

What is the theme…?

What is the motive…?


There are also “When” and “Where” and “Why” and “Which” and “How” questions to ask. Whether it’s who, what, when, where, why, which, or how, the goal with Reason and Relate questions is to both help guide them in and cause your students to think about the Leading Idea and Bible Principle associated with the content of your lesson.

For a more complete list to help you get started with your Reason and Relate questions, go to the free Caterpillar Members’ Club area to download and print them.

If you’re not at this step for writing questions yet, feel free to go through the series about Molly and how she’s stepping forward in her family to have their best Bible Principles homeschool year ever:

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And friend, if you are feeling the overwhelm of doing this or don’t have the time to but feel deep in your soul that you have got to find a way to make it happen, please consider letting us come along your side in a different way besides these blog posts. We’ve put together our Chrysalis Members’ Club containing lesson videos and printable lesson and printable notebook pages for K-12 to help mentor you. We want to help you succeed in your goals with this.

May you have a rich school year, learning along the side of your child at the feet of Yeshua (Jesus).

Blessings!The Principled Academy, Principled Academy, Principle Approach, Homeschool, Hebrew Homeschool, Homeschool Torah

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