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Recently, I learned that there are three types of readers. Depending on which type you are will result in whether or not you successfully maneuver the red books, Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History and Christian History of the Constitution.

Let me share with you:

  • If a book is 100 pages or less, 60% of readers finish it.
  • If a book is 200 pages or so, 20% of readers finish it.
  • If a book is more than 200 pages, 3% of readers finish the book.

Wow! Statistically, only 3% of readers would ever finish any of the red books. Understanding these dynamics explains so much to me why there seems to be few people interested in reading them or so few who have made it from the front to the back of the book. I’ve struggled with it, too!

So, if you find that you place more in the 60% of readers group vs. the 3% of readers group, I have a great idea that may help you!

Let me show you:

The Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History book is 366 pages long. This can feel overwhelming to the average reader type. However, if you take the number of pages in the book and divide it into fourths, it makes the book readable for the 60% reader type!


It looks like this: (366÷4=91.5) pages.


As with many things in life, it can take a paradigm shift to help us work through a process to get where we want to go. So, all you need to do is think of it like this: between the front red cover and the back red cover are four books, each 91.5 pages long. Easy breezy, right? I hope that this idea helps you!


Remember, the goal is to read through your 91.5 pages like a smaller bound book. Speed reading isn’t the aim. Take time to jot down some notes. Take time to process information and think through about some things that stand out to you. Be certain to set a deadline to help you be intentional about reading your 91.5 pages.


My goal is to read just 2 pages a day which will take me 45.75 days to read 91.5 pages.This takes me about a month and a half to read 1/4 of the book. With my busy life, this works for me. How will you divide the number of pages up for your schedule?

Please take advantage of the free reading schedule sheet in this post to help you reach your goal of reading through the Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History book. Need a copy of Teaching and Learning America’s Christian HistoryPurchase a copy at our store and help support Principled Academy when you do.


Click here to access your Reading Goal Sheet for the T & L America’s Christian History book.


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