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We show you how to teach from the Bible in every subject.
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Free Videos for Inquiring Minds

Your time is valuable. We get it. Let these short, concise videos help you to understand about the Principle Approach® which works for ***any*** curriculum. Also, learn about the Noah Plan© curriculum which already applies the Principle Approach® method.

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Open Enrollment is now! Join the growing number of families keeping the Bible at the heart of education. To help you reach your goals in this, we offer access to Bible Principles lessons: videos, printable notebook pages, etc. based off of the Noah Plan© overviews.

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Testimonies & Comments

Be encouraged with the testimonies and comments that other homeschooling parents have to say!

Simplifying the Principle Approach® Method for your Home School

We show you how to teach from the Bible in every subject.
Teach Bible Principles in each subject with greater ease.

Excellent parents want to teach using the Principle Approach® method but it seems overwhelming and time consuming. Parents get discouraged. We understand and have a plan. We've simplified it for our home school and we'd love to help clear the path for you. You can do it!

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With a vast array of personalities and learning styles, we're happy to help you in your journey.


Home Educator and Curriculum Designer
Teaching with the Principle Approach® for over ten years, Heather has learned to simplify it for her family’s home school lifestyle without losing the richness of the method.

Cool Daddy

Business Organization Leader
With a degree in Business Organizational Leadership, Cool Daddy is able to take his experience and grow Principled Academy to benefit your family.

Team Members

Product Development Team
With loving hearts for Yeshua (Jesus), our Product Development Team wants to help others grow closer to our Savior as they, too, learn more about Bible Principles.


Our Teacher
Yahweh’s Word is at the heart of what we learn. Learning and living out His Principles sets us apart as His people.

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